Saturday, December 31, 2011

bye-bye 2011

all in all this year was a great year.
we really can't complain much. this past year we were happy, healthy and in love. can't beat all that! :)

let's see.....
january- moved in together after only being married for 2 or 3 days. fun newlywed times opening all our presents, decorating and organizing our new home, and learning what it's like to be husband and wife! [come to find out- it's AWESOME.]
february- celebrated our first valentines. and hosted a few get togethers for our friends in our humble abode.
march- seemed like we had a mellow month in march. but we did have lots of dates nights. :)
april- charlie's birthday! i love birthdays. he came home from work the day before his bday to a full on decked out birthday celebration complete with balloons, streamers and party hats. :)
may- angel baseball games! woohoo! ahh the perks to living 10 minutes away from the stadium.
june- charlie was gone at work for most of the month, but the last half we spent on vacation with his family in oregon!
july- july 4th in oregon and then had to say bye-bye to charlie since he had to leave for a month for pre-deployment training in the desert. :(
august- moved back to my parent's place to save up money while charlie's gone. and deployment started. BOOOOOOOO!
september- started spoiling my marine silly with over-the-top care packages. :)
october- became a workaholic and started a second job to speed the time up. 
november- workworkwork and thanksgiving. and still loving the occasional phone call from the hubs. 
december- workworkwork. birthday! texas! christmas! and reaaaaally loving that charlie now has internet access and can email me everyday! a marine wife's dream! :)

and that my friends, was our 2011.
but i can tell you for a surety that 2012 will kick 2011's butt. big time. 

bird's eye view.

i did a lot of plane travel going to and from texas.
6 different stops. 5 different planes. 5 different airports.
3 different days. because of 1 horrible unexpected overnight layover. [i know what you're fun! so jealous! ha.]
yay for campouts in an empty airport!
sarcasm, people. sarcasm. i'm not that weird.

so with all the flights i went on, i had many opportunities to snap a few pictures of what it looks like from way up there.
for some reason i love being that close to clouds. i always get so giddy and excited especially when we go THROUGH a big 'ol marshmallow cloud. the person next to me probably thought i was getting nervous since i start to slightly bounce my legs up and down with excitement haha

texas: day three, four and five.

yup i wanna get the rest of the days over and done with all in one post.
no point in dragging it out any longer. :)
i mean, i only came home from this trip almost two weeks ago haha

let's 3, 4 and 5 were mainly spent hangin' out, ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the ritzy traditional texas homes, visiting downtown dallas, shopping at any shopper's paradise- the north park mall, playing with the little man, couple errands here and there and a lot of sister time. :)

downtown dallas

such a good boy, being oh so patient while mommy and auntie shop. :)

say "cheeeeeeese"
good 'ol paper source gag gift items. 

park day with the bubs! look at him all bundled up and cozy. stinkin' adorable.

when i say that rowen LOOOOVES the swings- that doesn't even begin to cover it.
can we say 'meltdown' when we took him out of it?
let's face it, this kid knows what fun is. and doesn't like it when we take him away from it!
thank goodness there was a little schnauzer pup to distract rowen with it's puppy kisses! 
meltdown successfully averted. 

so much fun. i'm so thankful that i'm rowen's ONE and ONLY auntie. 
and i'm so thankful that i'm janelle's ONE and ONLY sister. 
a little selfish? maybe. i like that i don't have to share them. hehe :)

special thanks to janelle and cory for lettin' me crash at your pretty new home and have a blasty blast with y'all for 5 days. my only wish is that i could have visited longer!
but there's always next time.. :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

one year ago today.

we sealed the deal.

how did THAT go by so fast?!

so glad we're married.
so glad he's mine.
so glad i'm his.

december 29, 2010
newport beach california temple

happy one year anniversary to us!
here's to forever.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

texas: day two/my 22nd birthday!

day two was the whole reason why i went out to texas- to spend my birthday with my sister!
i have always always ALWAYS loved my birthday.
it's my day.
i get to eat WHATEVER i want.
i get presents.
[and i went another year without croakin'. ha!]
what's not to love?

my husband did manage to give me my most favorite birthday present this year- skpye!

for those of you who don't know this- this was a HUGE deal.
first time charlie's had internet since he left, which also means this was the first time we actually saw each other's faces in four months.
[dang you, deployment!]
he surprised me with an extra early phone call and said..
"happy birthday babe! get ready because in 30 minutes, we'll be able to skype!"
man- i JUMPED outta' bed!
[and i'm NOT an early bird. by any means. but for charlie i am! hehe. ]
even though the sound wasn't working we were able to type back and forth.
and i still was able to see his handsome face [with that oh-so-adorable dimple of his!] and see him happy and laughing. just that alone made my entire birthday so amazing.

after that, my momma made me strawberry stuffed french toast.
with cream cheese amazingness filling and fresh chopped up strawberries and strawberry jam with a *hint* of your mouth watering yet?

i ate one and a half of these bad boys then i was lights out. i haven't had that many carbs in months and it definitely put me into a literal food coma and i slept it off for a good 2 hours.
what? birthday girls can have naps, too.

my afternoon snack? chocolate, of course.

then hung out with ro-boat as he ate some lunch. 
this is him waving hi and bye..
so talented that little one is. :)

then we held an auntie/nephew photo sesh. enjoy.

[had to snap a picture with rdub's 22 sweater for auntie's 22nd birthday. :)]

dinner at outback steakhouse! yum.
bread. butter. coconut shrimp. grilled shrimp. mahi mahi with artichoke hearts. rice. mashed taters. veggies.
i'm tellin' ya this whole cheating-on-my-diet day was soo-o worth it. 

and of course birthday [cheese]cake!
the last two years my mom has made me her out-of-this-world cheesecake factory inspired banana cream cheesecake. 
worth every.single.calorie. 
this is definitely my birthday cake tradition from here on out.
looks like charlie will have to learn a thing or two so he can make it for me next year. 

[birthday wish.]

we all then completed the night with family, chit-chatting, and playing with mr. potato head. :)

aunties are supposed to be silly. :)

little heartbreaker.

here's to being 22! [i know i know, i'm such a youngin']
i have a feeling this will be my most favorite year yet. :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

texas: day one

this is me [at 3:30am!] being oh-so-excited for my mini-vacay to visit my favorite sister and break the norm routine of workworkwork...

and this is my traveling cozy-but-cute outfit. gotta stay comfortable when flying half way across america, people.

carry-on packed: check! 
and purse: fully loaded with snacks, laptop, magazines and boarding passes: check!

on my second flight, the seat next to me was empty. 
footrest? don't mind if i do.

10 hours of traveling, 3 states, and 1 layover later- i'm FINALLY reunited with my awesome sister,  janelle. and when i say awesome- it's a complete understatement.
[yes, you observant fellow bloggers, this IS a different outfit, and that's because the one and only picture we took together was the day i was leaving. oops! but, i had to show off my pretty sissy.]

this is the LONGEST we've ever been apart our entire lives. 7 months, people! SEVEN MONTHS! thank the lord for phones, skyping, emailing, blogging and facebook to make the separation bearable. 

and then the best part of this all...this auntie was once again holding her nephew. 
my heart is full just thinking about that little slice of heaven. 
i swear, if i didn't see his birth for my own eyes i would claim this child as mine. 
i love him THAT much. 
i can't imagine how i can ever love my own children more, but somehow i will. [maybe?]

this is the video of rowen and i seeing each other for the first time in 7 months. 
he was a little sensitive about not seeing me for so long. 
hence the giving me a kiss then crying immediately. 
love him.

 soon after touring janelle's gorgeous brand spankin' new home, we relaxed by watching finding nemo and playing with building blocks. :)
[kickin' back watchin' nemo.]

aaaaand that just about sums up day one!
the fun's only just begun.. :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

howdy y'all!

guess who's back from texas??
SUCH a great trip.
but honestly? i'm totally procrastinating updating my blog about it.
shame on me!
so for now, here's a little preview...

[sorry for the grainy picture. i thought iphones were supposed to be uh-mazing cameras?]

forewarning: 99% of all my stories/pictures of my dallas trip will include this little guy.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the best thing in afghanistan?

is most definitely charlie.
i may be a little biased but i mean, i'm allowed to be, right? right.

he sent me an xD card full of pictures and videos for our anniversary. such a good husband.
so far, [since the xD card doesn't fit in my camera] i've been able to get the pictures printed off at walgreens but they failed to inform me that they don't do videos!
what the heck?! i neeeeed to see the videos!
[crossing my fingers that best buy will have a usb device capable of the xD card..]
so for now, all i have are the pictures.
i've been starring at them ever since i got them yesterday. :)

my hard workin' marine. so proud. :)

some of the kids around town.

charlie, ryan and brent.

the three amigos once again..charlie, brent and ryan.

javier and charlie.
[SMILE next time, babe. i miss seeing that dimple of yours.]

local kids, their bomb sniffing dog hammer, john, brent, charlie and a few afghan police

don't worry, he took the magazine full of ammo out first. haha! 

charlie and brent.

their current bomb sniffing dog, crush.

YAY for pictures! it's been since august since i've seen his face...august! too long. 
but i am one happy girl that he sent these. 

**update: i figured out how to get the videos from the xD drive! 
happiest girl alive to see charlie's face! happy doesn't even describe it. :)
water works for sure. 

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