Wednesday, June 27, 2012

what i wore wednesdays.

there won't be any what i wore wednesdays today. [although, it's safe to say that i'm wearing my bathing suit right now while soaking up some lake tahoe sunshine.]
but hold the tears! 
while i'm taking in all the family time i can get, you can stay busy reading all of my other what i wore wednesdays posts here!
see? all better. :)

have a great week! 

Friday, June 22, 2012


tomorrow morning we'll be on a flight to one of my most favorite places on earth.

if you guessed lake tahoe, you're correct!

i can't wait to see my family, lay out on the dock all day, ride jet skies with my hunk, eat my mom's yummy breakfasts, cuddle with my nephew that i haven't seen for six months, get some quality sibling time in, walk down to "sno-flake" and get some ice cream [a tahoe tradition] and just be with the fambam. 

tahoe is so special to my family. if you've ever gone in the summer time, you'd know why.

i mean look at this!

hellooooo paradise!

this trip marks the last vacation we'll have for a while.
first we had stagecoach.
then our belated honeymoon.
and now this!
all in three months!
we are lucky blessed.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

good news!

we're getting our PUPPY in a little over a week! 

we thought we wouldn't be able to get him until probably this fall. but! someones plans fell through last minute with this little guy and fortunately it all worked out PERFECTLY for us that we're the lucky ones getting this pup. 
the second we got the email the other day and saw his picture, our hearts melted. 
we like to think it was fate. :)

we. are. SO. EXCITED! 
both of us can hardly contain ourselves.
yesterday, we went out and got all of the necessities.
he's pretty much all we talk about lately. 
"wrangler this" 
"wrangler that" :)
after almost two years of wanting a weimaraner, and almost six months of being on a waiting list with our breeder, our little lovebug will finally be in our arms soon!!

what's happenin'?

time to play catch up!
picture style. :)

we decided that this will be a tradition for us. 
every time we paint our new home, we'll paint "i love you" on the wall, with a kissy picture.
we know it's cheesy. 
but if you know us, you know we're kinda cheesy.
and we like it. :)

[november 2010. painting our first apartment a month before we were married/ moved in.]

my mother-in-law and i went strawberry picking last saturday. [11 pounds for 11 bucks! score!]
i'm a newbie at this whole berry pickin' thing. [i've only ever picked blueberries one time before.
buuut this will definitely be happening every year. and probably a few times a year at that.
real, ripe oregon strawberries are theeee best!
can't beat 'em.
nope! you just can't.

top left: our nephew, rowen, drew us a house warming picture. he is the sweetest.
top right: we were in awe at how UH-MAZING this chocolate avocado pudding was. yup! you heard me right fellow chocoholics! HEALTHY, DAIRY FREE & SUGAR FREE chocolate pudding. i ate it up. every last bit of it. i have lindsay of delighted momma to thank for this one. :) recipe here.
bottom left: our cute little vegetable garden. love.
bottom right: date night with johnny and danielle. pizza+strawberry short cake+ crazy marbles+ good company= a great time. we love double dates!

oregon has some of the most gorgeous skies and clouds. you should hear me go on and on about how beautiful the summer skies are. multiple times a day lately. poor charlie. i'm sure he's already sick of hearing it. haha![soooorry babe!]

[99% of these pictures are from my instagram. follow me! @samantha_osborne ]

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

almost complete!

the downstairs of our new home is just about complete!
[there are a few things i want to add. all in due time]
no more painting.
no more hammering [until i find that perfect thing to hang above the kitchen sink.. :)]
no more no more no more!
moving sucks.
but it's fun to make a new place "home".

[sorry for the lighting and graininess. snapped with the iphone!]

the hallway that connects the kitchen & dining room to the living room.

so thankful for charlie and that he will hang anything i ask him for [with such precision!] with no complaining. :) i've got myself a keeper! mhmm.

now to finish the upstairs!

what i wore wesnesdays.

well hellooooo there first day of summer! 
mother earth celebrated by giving us a perfectly gorgeous sunny day here in oregon.
can't complain!
let the summer memories begin.. :)

cropped jean jacket [that i've had since 10th grade!!]: i can't even remember. it was that long ago. haha!
striped periwinkle tank top: target. 
white jeans: target.
white flip flops: american eagle.
white watch: charming charlie.
bangles: forever 21.
rhinestone bracelet: given to me as a gift.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

what i wore wednesdays.

today is a 'i-don't-really-feel-like-doing-my-hair-so-natural-it-is!' kind of day. :)
also, is it just me or do wednesdays always come by so fast?!
good thing that means the weekend is almost here! 

light pink cardigan: target.
white shirt: pink zone.
skinny jeans: NY&Co.
white flip-flops: american eagle. 
white watch: charming charlie.
bracelets: given to me as a gift.
necklace: forever 21.
toenail polish: "do you lilac it?" by OPI.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

i want to remember vol.1

i got this cute idea for a weekly post from this girl's blog the other day.
the weekly post is called "i want to remember."
and since these past couple weeks have been such a whirlwind i thought it would be a great idea for me to start my "i want to remember"s now!

- i want to remember sleeping on the ground in sleeping bags of our new townhome for the first six days that we lived here.

- i want to remember charlie and i loading up our [tiny] car 8 billion different times with all the boxes and trash from unpacking all the way to the compactor down the street at night with the windows down, blaring some good 'ol jason aldean.

- i want to remember sitting on the kitchen floor eating dinner since there was no room to sit in the dining room [this was from day one of unpacking. too many boxes!]

- i want to remember my niece natalie cuddling with me while watching tom & jerry.

- i want to remember how funny it was when we took our picture for our costco membership. my picture was "normal"...charlie? he was making an important call on his cell phone and we didn't want to make the costco employee wait to take the pic. hahaha it was funnier in real life. or if you get the opportunity to see the photo yourself. promise.

i'll be doing these from time to time in hopes that i won't forget the little things. ♥

Thursday, June 7, 2012

what i wore wednesdays. whoops!

oopsie. look who forgot to post her outfit yesterday.
this busy girl.

black long sleeve v-neck: target.
floral dress: pink zone.
boots: target.
key necklace: charming charlie.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

shout out!

to this guy!

[hulk hogan? that you?!]

ahh, my husband.
i just want to publicly show my appreciation for all he does for us.
for what a hard worker he is.
for how determined he always is. in every aspect of life.
for how proud i am of what he did for this country. [although i'm breathing a sigh of relief that his four years with the corps is now over. :)]
for being such a good friend to all his buddies.
for all the love and comfort he constantly gives me.
for making me laugh pretty much all. day.
for taking interest in my interests.
for just being the husband i always dreamed of having.

he is just the greatest.
& i'm so thankful.

Monday, June 4, 2012

look it! ADORABLE is this going away gift?!

can't wait to hang it up in our new place!

thank you, liana and ryan! every time i look at it, i think of you guys!

moving day

[you can't see it but i'm crying in this picture. afterwards i bawled like a baby off and on for a good hour. i'm going to miss home. i already do.]

whew! i actually have a little time to catch my breath and blog about our road trip to our new home!

 [the day before moving day. i shoulda' made a fort with all our boxes! what was i thinking?!]

 [nooo, we didn't need a 75 foot truck for all of our belongings. this company was also picking up 2 other families' crap stuff.]

[i can't even tell you how much i cried and cried over not being able to take my beloved roxy girl with me :( she just turned 14 last week- far too old for a big move like this- and i didn't have the heart to rip her away from everything she knows. i'm a little a lot jealous that my parents get to love on her everyday.]

[everything i need for a roadtrip! holding my man's hand. diet coke (my guilty pleasure), open roads, snacks and a little entertainment.]
[for those of you not familiar with west coast freeways, follow this baby aaaalllll the way up california and sooner or later you'll get to canada. but in the middle is where we now call home.]

 [pastures as faaaar as the eye could see.]
[sorry for the smudges. cars get dirty on a roadtrip. :)]

[last california sunset i'll see for a while. :(]

finally, at 4:30 am- we made it!

and so the adventure begins...

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