Wednesday, September 25, 2013

M.I.A. y'all

oh hey there! not sure if you remember me since i've rarely posted anything recently! 

we've made the cross country trek to texas and we're still getting settled and everything situated, and of course any and all extra time is being soaked up by londeloo :) which explains why there haven't been any posts recently. 

so sit tight! i'll be back in no time! 


p.s. follow me on instagram in the mean time :) username: samantha_osborne

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

F O U R months!

hard to believe our little babe is four months old already!
my mom always says that four months is her favorite age for a baby and now i know why! london is SO FUN, and hilarious. laughs at everything. has such a little personality. and DOESN'T CRAWL yet haha it's the best of both worlds!

london at four months:
-is very ticklish. especially right below her collarbones, the bottom of her rib cage and her thighs. oh, that giggle of hers is like a drug. i couldn't listen to her laughing away for hours!
-rolls over like a champ!
-finally gave in to the swaddle. she fought me on that thing for months. but now she sleeps so much better with it!
-rarely ever cries in her car seat anymore! it's a MIRACLE i tell ya! she loves looking outside the windows, especially if they're rolled down. and now she has the motor skills to play and suck on toys while we're driving too, which totally helps.
-weights maybe 11 pounds.
-small shoes FINALLY fit her dinky little feet!
-still wears some newborn size clothing haha but also wears 3 month size. such a bite size little babe. :) strangers think she's a 2 month old haha
-is starting to teethe, it especially bothers her at night when she's sleepy. poor thing. nothing a little baby aspirin can't cure!
-is starting to grab at whatever we're eating.
-loves tv. oops. we limit it but, man. she will inch and scoot and crane her little neck to see what we're watching haha she definitely gets her love of tv from her mama. :D
-doesn't look like mommy anymore. she is the girl version of charlie and it's adorable.
-is starting to get attached to her little white noise maker which also happens to be a stuffed giraffe that we named raffie. she grabs for it and cries if we don't give it to her. she takes all her naps and sleeps with him at night. it's so cute.
-gives kisses like there's no tomorrow! and when we ask for a kiss, she will always give us one! such a little lover.
-when she wants mama, she'll get this worried look on her face and hold her arms out! it melts me. i LOVE that she loves me :) but when daddy is home, forget mama the girl wants daddy! haha

*someone was getting verrrrrry sleepy during picture time, which is why there aren't many this month. which also explains why she's not beaming with smiles like she usually is.

happy 4 months, baby girl! you're the best thing. ever.
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