Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wednesday night madness

this is what us married folk do on a wednesday night. 
eat warheads and record our reactions. 

yes i know, we are looking SO attractive tonight. *enter sarcasm here*

Friday, May 13, 2011

my wild streak

you'd think that since i'm a cosmetologist i'd be changing my hair like crazy, right?
except for the other day.
and it isn't even THAT crazy.
just a little red/brown in my bangs.
i'm likin' it for now.
but i know i'll go back to my barbie blonde in no time :)

regulars at angel stadium

so apparently we've turned into a boring couple since this post will be the highlights of the most exciting thing we've done in over a month.
how pathetic.

we went to TWO angel games this week.
in a row!
and they were both FREE!
fun times.
we got the tickets for the first game from the military.
aaand we won't talk about the final score of that game. :(
but here are some pictures from the first game of the week..

then the next night my parents had extra tickets and wanted to take us!
and this game was extra fun because it was WRESTLING MASK NIGHT!
the goal was to break the guinness book of world records for the largest crowd wearing wrestling masks at once.
so in the 5th inning everyone who wanted to participate had to put on the masks for 10 minutes.
[i was all about it as you can kinda' tell]
and the other reason why the game was extra fun was because the angels got payback for the night before and beat the lousy white sox.


can't get enough of those angel games :)
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