Wednesday, June 22, 2011

beaver state

tonight we will be off to charlie's home state of oregon for a much needed vacation and family time.
we. are. SO. excited!
tons of fun things planned.
which means tons of pictures to come :)

ta-ta california. hellooooo oregon!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

my nephew, the future professional baseball player.

big red

we sold charlie's beloved truck last week.
it's a shocker to most people we've told since everyone knows that "Big Red" is charlie's baby.
so this was definitely a bittersweet day for him.
Big Red has way too many miles on it (over 220,000 i believe??) and it's been breaking apart and eating up our money. it was just time to get rid of it.

before he said his last good-bye's we snapped a few pictures with his pride and joy.

good -bye big red! charlie has had some wonderful memories with you. he'll miss you. i'm sure he already does.

crystal cove

wow i've been terrible at updating our blog!
i gotta work on that..

last week my lover boy had a day off work!
which never happens.
so naturally we took advantage of the day and went on a hike to the gorgeous Crystal Cove State Park.  there's 3.5 miles of clean beach to catch some rays and 2400 acres of land to hike or horseback ride on.

it was SO fun to just get out in the fresh air, enjoy each other's company and get a little exercise in all at the same time.

in order to keep this state park clean and beautiful, there's a parking fee of $15. a little high but we were willing to pay it since this is probably the last time for a while we'll be able to do something like this. but when we reached the entrance we met one of the park rangers who noticed our Camp Pendleton sticker on our car. she then asked who in the car is currently serving and i said proudly "my husband" and she then said "go ahead and just drive on in, i won't charge you the $15. don't expect this every's not the park's policy... but it's MY policy. thank you for serving!"
we graciously thanked her and while we continued on our way i looked over to charlie and i said "little things like that make you feel good for all your hard work, huh babe?" he smiled and said "yes." :)

while we started on the hike, we saw a ginormous swarm of bees that freaked me out. [look closely picture below and you'll see the bees] it was scarier in real life, k?! well..not to charlie. my macho man ;)

we took tons of other pictures..
the boardwalk

checkin' out the tide pools

charlie made friends with a little squirrel

me bein' me!

this hermit crab switched shells after charlie snapped this picture!

lookin' good babe!

i highly recommend the trip to Crystal Cove.
fun times :)
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