Thursday, May 31, 2012

a new place to call "home".

well, ladies and gentlemen.

i am officially an oregonian. [say whaaa? don't worry california friends and family, my roots are "totally california" ;)]
well i guess i'm not "officially" an oregonian until i have my oregon driver's license. [?]

today we are currently making the [about] 15 hour drive from here...

to here...

more specifically around this area. [hey, this is a public blog. it's not like i'm going to give you my address!]

honestly? there's a part of me that is so sad to leave california. it's been my home my entire life. 
but! the other part of me is oh-so-excited for our new life here. 
so many great memories to be made. :)

so, oregon, be prepared for another californian driver that actually HONKS her horn ;) mwahaha.

so many pictures of the move to come...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

what i wore wednesday

a lot of repeated items lately, no? it was packing day today [big move is tomorrow! eek!
which means my wardrobe choices were very limited. so, simple it is!
you take what you can get, people. ;)

coral shirt: target. [looks orange in this picture..?]
white watch: charming charlie.
fishy necklace: given to me as a gift.
skinny jeans: NY&Co.
braided leather sandals: target.
green toenail polish: "jade is the new black" by OPI.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

birthday girl

my baby girl turned FOURTEEN today!!

this little doggie has been with me through everything since i was just a wee one in third grade.

i hope she never ever ever dies. [someone find me some miracle water or pill or something! stat!]

i love you, roxy! and i hope you always remember just how how much i love you!

[top photos: taken around 12-13 years old]
[bottom left: taken about a month before her 14th birthday]
[bottom right: cuddling up in her birthday present from me! & she loves it!]

Friday, May 25, 2012


perfect day at disney.
perfect weather.
perfect barely-any-waiting-in-lines crowd.
and perfect company with my main squeeze.

[as if you all haven't seen any pictures of disneyland's about 20 more for ya. :)]

 [we were stuck in disney traffic. hate that. ;)]
you can't go to disneyland without having a sugar overload. it's like a rule.

[fyi: the coca-cola on main street serves THEEE BEST coke EVER. i don't know what they do to it but i swear it'll be the best coke you'll ever have in your life.]

there's just something about disneyland. :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

what i wore wednesdays

this is my DISNEYLAND outfit! 
oh boy oh boy oh boy i am SO excited for disneyland today!!
i told charlie that since he's moving me to oregon [NEXT WEEK!!] that he has to take me to one of my most favorite places. 


this is our first time going together [i know, i was shocked when i realized that, too.

graphic tee: target.
dark wash capris: NY&Co.
braided leather sandals: target.
white watch [that i wear every day lately haha]: charming charlie.
heart necklace: given to me as a gift from my lovely husband on my 21st birthday. :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

osborne fambam

last month, we took a short visit up to oregon while charlie's sister [along with her husband and two little kidlets] were in town.
SO fun to have the entire family together. :)

naturally, my in laws wanted to get a quick session of family pictures done.

 from left to right, top row first we have...[biiig breath] charlie, sam, chris, bethany [holding madelyn], jeff, sue, annie [holding gabriel] edwin [holding elsie], jenny and jon.
second row: mckenzie, daniel, natalie, josh, jeffrey, and thomy.

whew! and to think this side of the family isn't done growing yet! [and NO that isn't a clue. don't read into it, mom.]

and then there's us. ♥

Thursday, May 17, 2012

[belated] honeymoon pt. 2

[missed part 1? here you go. :)]

we signed up for a hike while in port in puerto vallarta.
so glad we did!
[lord knows we needed the extra exercise after indulging waayy too much at those buffets!]
and we were able to see a humble little town and how all the locals really live.
so quaint, laid back and humble.

our tour guide [everyone calls him "tio"] stopped by all the trees and plants that they're proud of, and this leaf came from one of their trees [i totally forgot what it was called] but they believe the leaves from this particular tree are good luck since they're shaped like a cross. and tio gave it to me! he told me to wear it over my heart. :)

 [since it was a very dry winter, nothing is green like it usually is. bummer.]

[sighh..he is so handsome.]

 [the local's version of a sauna. "temazeal"]

wittle baby cacti! so cute.

we got all dolled up & dined at an out-of-this-world-amazing steak house on top of the cruise ship friday evening.

[even though these two pictures are low quality (and took them in the mirror..haha.) i still absolutely LOVE them. 
some of my favorites. ever.]

we laid out some more in the mexican sun.

and we took silly pictures with our towel animals pretending to be them. [we meaning just samantha. haa]
 walter the walrus. 

 umm...not sure what this is. seal? duck? swan?

 gary the gorilla.

 freddy the frog.

 rufus the dog.

confused with this one, too. seal? no. idea.

but overall what we did on our belated honeymoon was spend quality time with each other.
which was much needed.
so thankful for my husband.
and so thankful he chose me as his wife.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

what i wore wednesdays.

whew! fifteen minutes before midnight and i finally remembered to post what i wore today! 
hey. it's still wednesday. 

white top: pink zone.
coral pants: target.
chunky necklace: NY&Co.
white watch: charming charlie.
pompom sandals: payless.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

[belated] honeymoon pt.1

we've been back from our honeymoon for two days now and i'm still getting used to the fact that there's not any buffets or room service anymore.
and that we're no longer gently rocking side to side.
and that our bed doesn't magically make itself and leave little chocolates with a towel animal for us to come home to.
[crazy how spoiled you get in just seven days.]

so needless to say, we had a great time!

we ordered free room service like it was going out of style.
and enjoyed breakfast on our balcony.

we had fun on the ship's crazy oversized furniture. 

we held hands while watching the sunsets [aww]

we lounged on the most gorgeous beach in cabo. [lover's beach. put it on your bucket list, people!!]

[the last little island of baja california]

and that's only half of it!!

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