Wednesday, May 23, 2012

what i wore wednesdays

this is my DISNEYLAND outfit! 
oh boy oh boy oh boy i am SO excited for disneyland today!!
i told charlie that since he's moving me to oregon [NEXT WEEK!!] that he has to take me to one of my most favorite places. 


this is our first time going together [i know, i was shocked when i realized that, too.

graphic tee: target.
dark wash capris: NY&Co.
braided leather sandals: target.
white watch [that i wear every day lately haha]: charming charlie.
heart necklace: given to me as a gift from my lovely husband on my 21st birthday. :)


  1. You are SO pretty! Look gorgeous :) What a cute outfit!

  2. I swear, everyone I know has been going to Disneyland lately. Not fair!


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