Saturday, February 16, 2013

cute as a button.

i had my bonus ultra sound yesterday! [had to check to see if my placenta has moved up. good news: it has!! no more guaranteed c-section! can i get a hallelujah?!?]
i love getting ultra sounds done and seeing little miss squirming around in there.
the one i had before yesterday's was about 7 weeks ago. [see post here] and comparing the two, she is really putting on the chunk! her belly was a perfect little buddah belly already. so cute.
i literally CANNOT STOP looking at her absolutely adorable button nose profile.
i'm more than obsessed with babygirl already.
i mean, just look at her!
is she or is she not oozing with cuteness?? [the answer is yes. yes, she is.]
i can't imagine how head over heels i'll be once she's actually here. i'll get to stare at her all day!
charlie, sorry in advance. our house will not be looked after for a bit. i'll be soaking up every single newborn moment. the house can wait. :)

and, just for fun. here is a mini timeline of london's growth.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

baby o vol. 5 [26 weeks]

How far along?  26 weeks, 5 days [as of today, feb. 14th]

How big is baby? TWO whole pounds! and apparently, the length of an english cucumber if you were to stretch her out and measure from top of the head to those little toes.

Maternity clothes? there's only a few items of clothing that are pre-pregnancy clothing now. which means i'm gettin' BIG

Stretch marks?  unfortunately, yes. thankfully- they're only on my lower hips. 

Sleep? still sleepin' like a champ! it's starting to get difficult moving to different positions in the middle of the night, though. 

Best moment last week?  hmm...i guess the random strangers who are beginning conversations with "sooo what are you having??" and then go on to tell horror stories of having a girl in front of my husband. ya..he doesn't need to hear those stories. thanks, though! haha. i wouldn't count this as the "best" moment. maybe more "memorable". OH!!! almost forgot...
last week, i was in costco and some lady goes "not too much longer!!" hmm. this is already starting?? am i that large?? haha little does she know i was only 25 weeks.

Movement?  everyday! i love feeling her wiggle around :)

Food cravings? none any more.

Food aversions? none any more.

Gender? girly girl!

Labor signs? nope! ask me in about 12 or so weeks. :)

Belly button in/out? still about even. the top part will pop out by the end of the day, but it always goes back down by morning.

What I miss: being thin. my normal exercise routine & my normal eating regimen [this big appetite is hard to get used to!] but growing a healthy baby trumps it all! i'm very thankful to be able to have this baby and to have such an amazing pregnancy.

What I am looking forward to: another ultra sound tomorrow! i get a bonus one to check where my placenta is [it was really low at my 20 week ultra sound] and to also get clearer pictures of London's heart. can't wait to see that cute little peanut! but i'm not really looking forward to the glucose test tomorrow. eek! i hate getting blood drawn.

Milestones: almost out of the 2nd trimester. crazy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

not for those queasy tummies out there.

our almost 10 month old puppy had quite the separation anxiety attack the other day.
[weims are known for this...]
last saturday i went out to run a couple errands for literally an hour and a half. so, as normal, i put wrangler in his crate which he usually loves and does just fine in.
well, not that day. he did NOT want mommy to leave.
i come home, and i notice that one of his blankets was brutally mangled. every once in a while, a piece of fabric comes out in his poop [tmi?? haha] no big deal. and honestly, i didn't know how long the blanket has been like that. has he worked on this mangled blanket for a few days? or did he eat it ALL within this last hour and a half..?

fast forward 3 hours.
he pukes up his dinner.
next morning, pukes his breakfast.
he wasn't interested in dinner that night.
hmm.. is that blanket the problem? [obviously the answer was a big fatty YES!]
again, the next day [going on day 3] he didn't eat at all.
a fresh batch of pregnancy hormones kicked in and i start SOBBING because i feel like i'm starving my babyboy. this breaks charlie's heart and so he finally calls the vet. they told us to bring him in right away.
uh oh.
we know what this probably means.
definitely an x-ray and possibly surgery.
x-ray showed a giant ball of fabric stuck in his tummy.
the only solution is emergency surgery.
2 hours and 17 stitches later.
the culprit:

i know. SO gross.
[don't worry, i did NOT keep this. only had it in my hands long enough to snap a quick picture.]
turns out, the blanket was trying to slowly make it's way into the intestines. THANK GOODNESS we brought him in when we did, because if we brought him in the next day, it could have weaved it's way further into the intestines even more and the surgery would have been more risky and he could have possibly died. :(
the surgeon was shocked at the amount he gobbled down.

ohhh, wrangler.
for now, we're cuddling our sicky boy more than ever, giving him his pain medicines & antibiotics and trying to figure out how to deal with his separation anxiety.
but i can tell ya- no more blankets in his crate when we're gone! sorry, dude.

to make up for the gross picture earlier..a recovering sleepy puppy. :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

whoa there, belly!

so, i find this pretty entertaining.

from the front [and back] people can't really tell that i'm pregnant.
...and then i turn to the side.


all belly. :) haha!

sorry 'bout the iphone quality. :)
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