Saturday, October 20, 2012

baby o vol 1 [9 weeks]

world, say hello to our little babe! 
cutest little thing i ever did see!
baby o even gave us a few wiggles! [i think she/he was waving "hi!" to mommy and daddy :)

9.5 weeks with healthy heartbeat of 167bmp, and measuring about a whole inch! grow, baby, grow!

How far along? 9 weeks 6 days as of today [10-20-12]

How big is baby? size of a grape! or, about 1 inch.

Maternity clothes? HECK YES. maternity jeans are the best invention ever. i still [somewhat] fit into all my old clothing, some better than others- my old jeans are the most uncomfortable thing right now. and i'm loving dresses and leggings, but since it's getting chilly, i'll have to get creative...

Stretch marks? Hoping to avoid them as much as possible! i'm rubbing stretch mark cream basically all over at least once or twice a day. i read that you can't avoid them, but no harm in trying! funny story: last week i blew my nightly routine and completely forgot to rub on my stretch mark cream- no big deal, but in charlie's deep sleep he rolled over, and worriedly awoke me and keep repeating "babe! your pregnancy cream!" and i said "what??" and he kept saying "your pregnancy cream...YOUR PREGNANCY CREAM!" then i realized he was sleep talking. hahaha. he must be just as worried as i am about those pesky stretch marks! [note: he still denies all of that. haa]

Sleep? is still my best friend! except, my work schedule has me on such a routine, that it is HARD to sleep in now. wahhh! i guess i better get used to it. hmph! but i am counting my lucky stars that i can still get 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep. ahh, yes. :)

Best moment last week? seeing our baby for the first time!! i could stare at that ultrasound picture all day. and, i do. 

Movement? well i know baby o DOES squirm around in there! saw it for ourselves on the ultrasound, but sadly i can't feel it yet. i can't wait for that moment, though! 

Food cravings? eh, not really craving anything in particular, but when something sounds good- i have to have it!

Food aversions? not a big fan of desserts right now [i know- SHOCKING!] except chocolate...i still adore that. thank goodness. but i CAN'T STAND carmel right now. haven't since week 5. yuck. bleh. get that crap AWAY from me. and pumpkin kinda grosses me out. perfect timing, i know. 

Gender? mama says GIRL! daddy says BOY! and majority of the votes of our family and friends all say girl, but there's been a few boy guesses. what do YOU think?? :)

Labor signs? way too early for that!

Belly button in/out? In

What I miss: being my thin[ish] self and not getting winded as easily. two months ago i could run 2 miles easy! now, stairs have my gasping for breath. which sucks. but so worth it. :) EVERYTHING outweighs any bad. i love being pregnant!

What I am looking forward to: those love-kicks!

Milestones: starting to show. :) proof is in the picture below..

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