Friday, August 26, 2011

deployment day.

we've been dreading this day for the past 8 months.
yes, we found out a week after we got married that charlie would have one more deployment.
thank you, marine corps for that lovely wedding present. [enter sarcasm here]
i can't believe that day was today.
saying 'see ya later!' was a little surreal.
i tried to be strong, but i couldn't help it- the tears just started flowin'.
but like i mentioned in an earlier post, charlie and i are SO at peace and very confident with this deployment.
i know my man will be safe.
however, i will still be praying- constantly.

 these were before the tears. just happy to be in each other's arms! :)

love my marine ♥

this is where i broke down a little..

we couldn't say "i love you" enough times.

his worried/nervous/doesn't like to see his wife in pain look.

right before this picture he popped his head out the window and mouthed

next seven months, i beg you, PLEASE go by quickly.
i want my husband back.

sneak peek!

earlier this week, we got out pre-deployment/christmas pictures done by the fabulous Winter Collins of Winter's Wonderland Photography.

winter took us to an old orange grove near her studio and we couldn't have asked for a better location for these!

here's a little sample of what's to come.
i'll post more soon!
 thank you, winter!! we LOVE them! xo

today charlie left for his combat deployment to afghanistan.
how am i feeling?
a little mixed emotions. sad that my husband and i will be apart for 7 months, but at the same time i am completely at peace and very confident in his training skills to know that my husband will be safe, and i'll be in his arms in no time!
staying positive is the key!
i feel like if i'm positive- somehow he will feel that vibe and keep goin' strong out there.
..if that makes sense? doesn't matter, it makes sense to me!

so, to make these last couple days even more memorable, we decided to get a hotel for the last few nights before deployment.
we booked the Hampton Inn & Suites in San Clemente and we had a FANTASTIC time :)
it was so nice to get away from the norm, enjoy the free breakfast, and a tv in the bedroom! woohoo! it's the little things that make us happy :)

on wednesday night, we went out to dinner at Fred's Mexican Café in Laguna Niguel. it's very americanized mexican food, but oh so yummy.
i usually am not a huge fan of chips and salsa at restaurants only because i get so full before the meal! so, i normally don't munch on them. but at fred's...i can't. stop. eating. them.
anyways! we ate there, then went and walked around san clemente, got some frozen yogurt, and took a few pictures :)

then on thursday night we had to make it a little extra special.
we went to a fancy dinner (fancy for us, anyways haha) at the Salt Creek Grille in Dana Point, Ca.
we went all out since charlie won't have this yummy of food for 7 months.
for appetizer we ordered the fresh lump crab with avocado quinoa.
for dinner we split each other's meals [since we wanted both things.]
charlie got the filet mignon [melt in your mouth delicious]
and i got the daily market fish which was some sort of weird hawaiian fish that i've never heard of before. but man..that was delicious, too!
for dessert, charlie really wanted the pecan cheesecake, and since i'm allergic to tree nuts, i decided to order the créme bruleé.
is your mouth watering yet? :)
charlie said that the salt creek grille is one of his new favorite restaurants. :)

afterward, we walked around the Dana Point Harbor and took some pictures with our camera timer. it was dark, so the picture quality isn't the best, but i still love these pictures..
oops! the test run cut off charlie's head.

we kinda adore each other...♥

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

old friends

[kaylee, samantha, chelsea, kiersten]

us four girls have all been friends since we were 12.
a LOT of memories of each other growing up such as...
-church girls camp every summer
-middle school
-high school
-who we dated way back when
-inside jokes
the list goes on.

earlier this evening, we all met up and went to dinner at bj's restaurant. so fun :)

even though we all have separate lives in different states and towns, it's a relief to know that we're always there for each other, and it always feels like we never skip a beat! ♥

 classic kaylee. haha

Sunday, August 7, 2011

what in the?

anyone else noticed how my blog randomly went bazerk-o?
it's like it woke up one day and said "hey, i'm going to make ALL of sam and charlie's pictures go away!"
not nice, bloggy!
time for a little blog tlc.
this might take a while...
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