Wednesday, August 10, 2011

old friends

[kaylee, samantha, chelsea, kiersten]

us four girls have all been friends since we were 12.
a LOT of memories of each other growing up such as...
-church girls camp every summer
-middle school
-high school
-who we dated way back when
-inside jokes
the list goes on.

earlier this evening, we all met up and went to dinner at bj's restaurant. so fun :)

even though we all have separate lives in different states and towns, it's a relief to know that we're always there for each other, and it always feels like we never skip a beat! ♥

 classic kaylee. haha


  1. You girls are all so beautiful!! Love your hair by the way.

    I answered your question over on my blog :)

    Hope you and your hubby are doing well!

  2. Oh and please tell me where you got your awesome boots?! I need those

  3. thank you, thank you! we are doing very well, :)

    i got those boots at target a couple years ago, not knowing they were knock-off steve madden boots, haha!


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