Wednesday, January 30, 2013


i don't blog near enough as i should. but i do instagram.
a lot.
which makes up for the whole blog posting problem i have, right?

as you see, we've been preparing for little miss a ton. [crib, stroller, baby shower planning, reading, shopping...on and on and on. :)]
loving wrangler on the daily. because, who couldn't?
eating carbs. greeeeat.
and enjoying the random bursts on sunshine this oregon winter decides to grace us with.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

our "first baby"

for those of you who know us, know how OBSESSED we are with our dog, wrangler.
O B S E S S E D.

he is our baby.
we seriously talk about him on the daily to other random people. as if he were human.
because, i mean, let's face it. he basically is.
he has more personality than half the people on earth.
he cuddles like a human.
he LOVES his blankets and "shares" them with us. [one evening, after work, charlie was laying on the couch and w comes up to him with his blankey in his mouth and puts it on charlie's legs and walks away!]
he watches me get ready every day and always wants to "see" [smell] what i'll be doing next. whether it be make up or hairspray or what have you.
when he feels like "talking" you can *almost* hear him whine "i wuv you!". we have witnesses.
see what i mean?

don't worry, wrangler, mommy and daddy [yup, we're those kind of dog owners] won't "forget" about you once london comes like a lot of people have been saying.
because, you are our first baby.
and we love you to pieces.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

just a *little* behind..

oops, was christmas already almost a month ago?
and am i just now uploading the pictures from our first christmas together as a family in one country/state/city/home?

yes, yes i am.

our christmas eve tradition is to decorate gingerbread houses.
as i was decorating mine, feeling our baby girl kick around inside me, i couldn't help but daydream about future christmases 10-15 years down the line, with all of our kids getting WAY competitive with one another with this gingerbread house tradition.  well, i HOPE so, at least. haha, i'm sure at least one of them will roll their eyes about it. but tuff noogies, future kids! you WILL decorate with us. and you WILL like it. :)

it was a lovely, small and quiet christmas.
definitely won't be having any more small and quiet christmases like that ever again! so, we soaked it up. :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

central oregon.

this past weekend, charlie, wrangler & i headed out to central oregon to visit charlie's parents' [new] second home.
it's amazing how different central oregon and western oregon look. it's definitely greener where we live, just a different kind of beauty.

smith rock

Friday, January 18, 2013

pinterest inspired [DIY] paint chip mobile

sneak peek into london's nursery!

i FINALLY got around to hanging up the paint chip mobile i made for her nursery today.
i wanted to do this for her so it's something interesting to look at other than the bland ceiling. the colored circles just twist about so gently, it's almost mesmerizing.
here's hoping little miss loves it as much as i do!

i used a mixture of tutorials from pinterest. this tutorial, & this tutorial were the ones i used as a guideline. didn't follow either one to a Tee, i found my own little things that worked for me better as i went along.

it was SO easy and SO cheap! the most expensive part was buying the circle punch, but that's because i didn't already have one. but, it was on sale for $8 at Michael's Craft Store.

here's the breakdown:
-40 paint chips from local hardware store: free
-circle punch: $8
-white string: $0.50
-glue: i can't remember, probably around $3. (again, i didn't have any lying around)
-12" embroidery hoop: got it on sale for around $2
TOTAL: $13.50
but would have been way cheaper if i already had the glue, string, and circle punch on hand as most diy-ers do. :) but, still! under 14 bucks? i'm a happy girl!

Monday, January 14, 2013

baby o. vol 4 [22 weeks]

How far along?  22 weeks, 2 days [as of today]

How big is baby? ELEVEN INCHES! my big girl. :) she also weighs about 1 pound. grow, baby, grow!

Maternity clothes? absolutely! my wardrobe is half maternity clothes half pre-pregnancy clothes.

Stretch marks? a couple dots on my lower hips. boooooo :(  

Sleep? love it.

Best moment last week? her kicks and rolls and turns getting stronger and stronger everyday! i LOVE that we can now SEE her move. haha, one morning last week, i woke up and looked at my tummy and she was curled up in a little ball on my left side. i was completely lopsided! charlie and i got a good laugh at that one. :)

Movement? read previous answer.  

Food cravings? not craving much these days. but MAN, this little girl is definitely her daddy's daughter. this entire pregnancy i've loved reese's puffs [charlie's favorite cereal], and taco bell tacos. whaaat?? i'm a del taco girl, not a taco bell girl. but this baby seems to think otherwise. i try to eat these things in moderation. :) i wouldn't say those are "cravings" but they're mmm-mmm delicious!

Food aversions? good news! i can be around and even EAT caramel, now! no more food aversions for meeee! 

Gender? GIRL! and she is ALL girl. my doula [who just so happens to be my sister in law- lucky me!] says london's ultra sound picture is the clearest girl gender picture she's seen!

Labor signs? ask me in like 18 weeks. :)

Belly button in/out? ALMOST even. still considered an innie.

What I miss: working out hard like i used to. doctor's orders to tone it down BIG time. jogging? what's that? man, my legs miss it, though... just simple elliptical, squats and light weight training for this mama-to-be.

What I am looking forward to: my baby shower in a couple months! woo-weee! planning is in progress!

Milestones: PAST halfway! holy crap. london will be here before we know it! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

farewell, 2012!

let's see, this year we...
-celebrated charlie coming home from afghanistan AND being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps. YAY!
-went to the biggest country festival ever!
-went on our late honeymoon cruise to mexico a year and a half after we've been married.
-moved to oregon
-family vaycay in lake tahoe
-brought our awesome dog, wrangler, into the family
-bought our first car together!
-found out we're expecting our first baby!
-moved again down the street
-found out our baby is a girl!
-celebrated our first christmas together as a married couple [thank you, marines, for stealing last christmas from us..]
-celebrated our two year wedding anniversary

whew! 2012, you were out most favorite year yet.
but, somehow, i have an inkling that 2013 will be even better!
because of a little someone by the name of London Estelle.. :)

happy new year, friends!

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