Monday, January 21, 2013

central oregon.

this past weekend, charlie, wrangler & i headed out to central oregon to visit charlie's parents' [new] second home.
it's amazing how different central oregon and western oregon look. it's definitely greener where we live, just a different kind of beauty.

smith rock


  1. Where in central Oregon were you? I used to live in Bend!

  2. kelsey- their house is in terrebonne, so pretty close to redmond. :) how funny- charlie was telling me on the drive over about how you used to live in bend! along with the story about how in high school, his school was playing your school in football and he saw you and was very confused and surprised...hahaha!

  3. beautiful pictures! i've always wanted to visit oregon, but never have. my husband and i are thinking summer road trip! :)

    loving your blog!



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