Friday, January 18, 2013

pinterest inspired [DIY] paint chip mobile

sneak peek into london's nursery!

i FINALLY got around to hanging up the paint chip mobile i made for her nursery today.
i wanted to do this for her so it's something interesting to look at other than the bland ceiling. the colored circles just twist about so gently, it's almost mesmerizing.
here's hoping little miss loves it as much as i do!

i used a mixture of tutorials from pinterest. this tutorial, & this tutorial were the ones i used as a guideline. didn't follow either one to a Tee, i found my own little things that worked for me better as i went along.

it was SO easy and SO cheap! the most expensive part was buying the circle punch, but that's because i didn't already have one. but, it was on sale for $8 at Michael's Craft Store.

here's the breakdown:
-40 paint chips from local hardware store: free
-circle punch: $8
-white string: $0.50
-glue: i can't remember, probably around $3. (again, i didn't have any lying around)
-12" embroidery hoop: got it on sale for around $2
TOTAL: $13.50
but would have been way cheaper if i already had the glue, string, and circle punch on hand as most diy-ers do. :) but, still! under 14 bucks? i'm a happy girl!


  1. Okay, seriously? This is ADORABLE! You go crafty mama :-)

  2. I'm loving your blog! That mobile is so so cute. Sea foam to salmon makes for a cute color scheme for sure! Xo

  3. I saw this picture on your Instagram and immediately showed my friend. You did such a great job! It's absolutely beautiful! :)

  4. What a beautiful looking mobile and I've got this linked to my DIY projects using paint chips post too today!


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