Saturday, September 24, 2011

sam's favorite things [lately]

it's important to me [ESPECIALLY during deployment] to find little things everyday that make me happy.
here's a few of my favorite things lately...

-j.c.'s triple chocolate cheesecake. it's heaven in your mouth.

- arizona's diet green tea [this has been a favorite of mine for years already]

- pinterest. need i say more?

-the gorgeous flowers my husband will be sending me every other week throughout deployment to remind me that he's thinking of me from 7,500 miles away. he is so thoughtful and SO good to me. i'm so thankful. [bouquet #3 was delivered just this morning!]

-the "body works" class given at the gym i belong to. KICKS YOUR BUTT. and i LOVE it. it's all about squats, lunges, abs, and weight training. 

-skyping with the cutest 13 month old around. my nephew, rowen. [i mean really, how stinkin' adorable is he?!]

- brantley gilbert. my new favorite musician. he mixes country and rock'n'roll perfectly. love.

- words of inspiration like this...

"every day might not be good, but there's something good in every day."

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

down to the decimal.

had my first weigh in today after starting my 35 in 31 goal.

drumroll please....

i lost 4.8 pounds!

eh, what the heck- let's just round up, shall we?
pretty much 5 pounds...IN THE FIRST WEEK, PEOPLE!
how awesome am i?!

ya ya ya..i know most of that is water weight that always comes off in any diet  lifestyle change during the first week.
but still! 
go me :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

fall is in the air. well, almost.

if you were to walk into our bedroom right now you'd feel like you just walked into the perfect autumn day filled with crisp, cool air, fallen red, brown and orange crunchy leaves, warm cider in your mug and that oh-so-cozy feeling that comes from the best season of the year.
you might just want to throw on a scarf and some adorable fall boots while you're at it.

all because of this little gem..

ahhh i'm in love with our Gold Canyon "Mulled Harvest" candle. 

if only mother nature would bring autumn to us early this year. but for now, this will do :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

photo shoot

the week of deployment day we squeezed in a little photo shoot with Winter Collins of Winter's Wonderland Photography.
SO glad we were able to do that.
now we have christmas pictures for this year, too!

enjoy ♥

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


lose 35 pounds in 31 weeks.
it's gross to think that i've gained 30 pounds since high school.
i remember PROMISING myself that i'd never do that.
but i did. 
and it sucks.

i don't think there's a more perfect opportunity for me than right now to loose that weight- just in time for charlie to get back from deployment :)

i want his jaw to hit the ground when he sees me.

i decided to join jenny craig that way i'll have motivation every week with my personal consultant, learn how to incorporate healthy portions and continually eat throughout the day to keep up my metabolism [that'll be the hardest part for me...i'm not used to eating all throughout the day!]

i am SO excited to be in better shape than i was in high school! 
and i'm SO ready for it, too. 

35 lbs. in 31 weeks. 
bring. it. ON.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

signed, sealed, delivered- I'M YOURS ♥

next stop: afghanistan!

[contents:  envelopes, digital camera, icy hot patches, gum, zours, mixed dried fruit, balance bars, lotions, sunscreen, aloe, body wash, shampoo, baby wipes, floss, oreos, chapstick, antibacterial wipes, socks, daily vitamins, facewash pads, crystal lite, desktop ping-pong game, ibuprofen, eyedrops, listerine breath strips, q-tips, baby powder, tissues, and a card ♥]

*notice: obviously it hasn't been a month yet since he's been on deployment, but by time he gets this package, it will be!*
[contents:beef jerky, apple juice, chocolate milk, smash bars, cereal bars, bowling dice game, scrabble card game, gun magazine, hunting magazine, envelopes, pop tarts, vasoline, socks, baby wipes, antibacterial wipes, grapevines, fruit snacks, sour patch kids, war heads, oreos, 5 hour energy drinks and a card ♥]

i am LOVING this whole care package thing. it's so fun to take the time to create a theme, think of what charlie would want in a package that would make his day, decorate it all and the excitement of shipping it off at the post office knowing it's on it's way to my marine!
he's so spoiled :) but he deserves it.

side story: THANK GOODNESS for FPO/AP military boxes! when i went to the post office to send these, the lady said,
"would you like to see how much it would be if you were to send this without the military discount?"
and of course i said "YES!"
[i'm just so curious, aren't you?]
for every stinkin' package! could you imagine?!
i'll stick with the $12.95 flat rate military box, thankyouverymuch!

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