Tuesday, September 6, 2011


lose 35 pounds in 31 weeks.
it's gross to think that i've gained 30 pounds since high school.
i remember PROMISING myself that i'd never do that.
but i did. 
and it sucks.

i don't think there's a more perfect opportunity for me than right now to loose that weight- just in time for charlie to get back from deployment :)

i want his jaw to hit the ground when he sees me.

i decided to join jenny craig that way i'll have motivation every week with my personal consultant, learn how to incorporate healthy portions and continually eat throughout the day to keep up my metabolism [that'll be the hardest part for me...i'm not used to eating all throughout the day!]

i am SO excited to be in better shape than i was in high school! 
and i'm SO ready for it, too. 

35 lbs. in 31 weeks. 
bring. it. ON.


  1. You are beautiful but I know how you feel...I also have an ideal weight and when it starts to drift away back to basics!

  2. Oh, thank you for changing the font, it is much more readable. And good luck with the weight loss, although I think Charlie's jaw will hit the ground anyway!s?
    Did you ever figure out what happened to the photos in the older post

  3. lindsay- i'm not beautiful with a bathing suit or my birthday suit on! haha ;) but i just want to feel healthier and feel more comfortable in my own skin. 30 extra pounds on a 5'2" frame is a lot!

    sue- yes, the font was starting to bug me too, so you're welcome!
    that's exactly what charlie said, too. but now his jaw will hit the ground and stay there haha!
    and no, i never figured out what happened to my older post pictures, i'm guessing it had something to do with joining google+...?

  4. I joined google+ and nothing happened to mine.

  5. i deleted the pictures that google+ automatically uploaded to my g+ profile from my blog, and that's the only thing i could think of as to why it would do that. because it's all connected. but who knows. it's all gone now and would take waayy too long to edit each post with new pictures :(

  6. I'm pretty positive you are amazing and I wish I looked like you. So. There. I said it. :) <33 You're beautiful.

  7. thank you, kaylee! you're one gorgeous woman yourself ;)
    but to clear things up...i didn't say i wasn't pretty. hahahha i'm just a little chunky. but not for looonggg! :)


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