Sunday, September 4, 2011

signed, sealed, delivered- I'M YOURS ♥

next stop: afghanistan!

[contents:  envelopes, digital camera, icy hot patches, gum, zours, mixed dried fruit, balance bars, lotions, sunscreen, aloe, body wash, shampoo, baby wipes, floss, oreos, chapstick, antibacterial wipes, socks, daily vitamins, facewash pads, crystal lite, desktop ping-pong game, ibuprofen, eyedrops, listerine breath strips, q-tips, baby powder, tissues, and a card ♥]

*notice: obviously it hasn't been a month yet since he's been on deployment, but by time he gets this package, it will be!*
[contents:beef jerky, apple juice, chocolate milk, smash bars, cereal bars, bowling dice game, scrabble card game, gun magazine, hunting magazine, envelopes, pop tarts, vasoline, socks, baby wipes, antibacterial wipes, grapevines, fruit snacks, sour patch kids, war heads, oreos, 5 hour energy drinks and a card ♥]

i am LOVING this whole care package thing. it's so fun to take the time to create a theme, think of what charlie would want in a package that would make his day, decorate it all and the excitement of shipping it off at the post office knowing it's on it's way to my marine!
he's so spoiled :) but he deserves it.

side story: THANK GOODNESS for FPO/AP military boxes! when i went to the post office to send these, the lady said,
"would you like to see how much it would be if you were to send this without the military discount?"
and of course i said "YES!"
[i'm just so curious, aren't you?]
for every stinkin' package! could you imagine?!
i'll stick with the $12.95 flat rate military box, thankyouverymuch!


  1. He will love those boxes. I think I'm going to send him a big box of Costco-sized chips. I hear the boys like those.

  2. oh yes, anything that reminds him of home he's love! especially if it came from his mama :) he said lots of SOCKS! so i'm sending about 4-5 pairs with each package. but i'm sure he would go through them quicker than i could send. so if you find good deals on regular high white socks, feel free to send them his way!


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