Monday, June 17, 2013

ONE whole month!

london estelle is already one month old! what the what?!

all about london at one month:
-still so tiny! a little over 7 pounds
-has to have her right hand near her face, especially while nursing
-loves to nurse
-loves to bounce
-has held her head up very well for a newborn since the day she was born
-recently discovered she can use her legs to "stand". she's so strong!
-takes the binki, sometimes. mainly while rocking to sleep.
-isn't too fond of her car seat or the car for that matter.
-her favorite place to sleep is on our chest
-sleeps very well during the night! only wakes to eat every 3 hours or so, then goes right back to sleep
-HATES when she get the hiccups
-loves her baths
-has the funniest facial expressions! she's so expressive. :)
-when awake, she loves to study everything around her. she gets this cute little serious face and just stares at whatever catches her eye without making a peep.

we love our little londeloo so much! don't know what we'd do without her.
happy one month birthday, babygirl!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

lincoln city.

when london was just two whole weeks we did our very first big family outing to the beach. it was a first to visit the oregon coast for me, wrangler and londeloo! [just so ya know, that's pronounced 'lond-ee-loo'. it's one of the nicknames we have for our little babe. and i'm tired of spelling it with all the dashes. :)]
charlie loaded up the car for the day and we made the almost 2 hour drive to lincoln city.

it was a PERFECT day on the oregon coast. not too hot, not too cold, and SUNNY!

i'm so glad we created such a memorable day as a brand spanking new family of 3. well, 4 if you wanna count wranglerboy. :) who L-O-V-E-D the beach. he was in heaven!

 i just love our family.

Monday, June 3, 2013

i dont ever want to forget...

a few things i always want to remember about london being a newborn:

-the way she makes a certain noise mid-yawn as if its sooo hard to yawn that big. adorable.
-the way she sneezes in multiples. she'll probably always do this, though. but i've never seen a newborn do it!
-the way she smiles and giggles in her sleep
- her smell. ohhh, her smell.
-the way she opens her mouth when i give her kisses
-how when she's hungry, she'll open her mouth as wide as possible, move her head sharply from side to side and make a "uh! uh!" noise. so. stinkin. cute.
-how much she loves having her hands right next to her mouth and face while nursing. even though they sometimes get in the way and we both get frustrated. :)
-her LITTLENESS!! i love how absolutely tiny she is.
-how she loves baths
-her cry. its so cute and honestly doesn't "annoy" us. ...knock on wood haha! charlie says it sounds like a little alarm. girl has got perfect rhythm!
-her birdy noises! oh goodness. i melt.
-her serious face. just taking in the world.
-how she melts her daddy into a pile of mush. she'll probably always do this, too. :)

everyday i just look at her and get teary eyed because i feel like i hit the mommy jackpot. how on earth did i get so lucky to have her as my daughter?! my heart is so, so full. i'm beyond grateful for my little lond-e-loo

^at her first pediatrician appoint at almost 2 weeks old. growing wonderfully and gaining weight like a champ! she was 6lbs6oz at birth, 5lbs14oz at discharge from the hospital and at her appointment she was 6lbs12oz! we're so grateful that our little babe is healthy!

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