Saturday, June 15, 2013

lincoln city.

when london was just two whole weeks we did our very first big family outing to the beach. it was a first to visit the oregon coast for me, wrangler and londeloo! [just so ya know, that's pronounced 'lond-ee-loo'. it's one of the nicknames we have for our little babe. and i'm tired of spelling it with all the dashes. :)]
charlie loaded up the car for the day and we made the almost 2 hour drive to lincoln city.

it was a PERFECT day on the oregon coast. not too hot, not too cold, and SUNNY!

i'm so glad we created such a memorable day as a brand spanking new family of 3. well, 4 if you wanna count wranglerboy. :) who L-O-V-E-D the beach. he was in heaven!

 i just love our family.


  1. It looks like fun! London looks so cute! You let Charlie shave his head? Taylor wants to but I don't want to let him. Ha

    1. haha! yeah, i actually like him with it shaved so it doesn't bother me. but, he never has it for too long. he's already growing it out.

  2. CUTE! She's so precious :)



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