Monday, June 3, 2013

i dont ever want to forget...

a few things i always want to remember about london being a newborn:

-the way she makes a certain noise mid-yawn as if its sooo hard to yawn that big. adorable.
-the way she sneezes in multiples. she'll probably always do this, though. but i've never seen a newborn do it!
-the way she smiles and giggles in her sleep
- her smell. ohhh, her smell.
-the way she opens her mouth when i give her kisses
-how when she's hungry, she'll open her mouth as wide as possible, move her head sharply from side to side and make a "uh! uh!" noise. so. stinkin. cute.
-how much she loves having her hands right next to her mouth and face while nursing. even though they sometimes get in the way and we both get frustrated. :)
-her LITTLENESS!! i love how absolutely tiny she is.
-how she loves baths
-her cry. its so cute and honestly doesn't "annoy" us. ...knock on wood haha! charlie says it sounds like a little alarm. girl has got perfect rhythm!
-her birdy noises! oh goodness. i melt.
-her serious face. just taking in the world.
-how she melts her daddy into a pile of mush. she'll probably always do this, too. :)

everyday i just look at her and get teary eyed because i feel like i hit the mommy jackpot. how on earth did i get so lucky to have her as my daughter?! my heart is so, so full. i'm beyond grateful for my little lond-e-loo

^at her first pediatrician appoint at almost 2 weeks old. growing wonderfully and gaining weight like a champ! she was 6lbs6oz at birth, 5lbs14oz at discharge from the hospital and at her appointment she was 6lbs12oz! we're so grateful that our little babe is healthy!

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  1. I wish I had been blogging when my kids were babies. Although, come to think of it, it's probably as well I wasn't. My productiveness would have been at zero.


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