Friday, August 26, 2011

deployment day.

we've been dreading this day for the past 8 months.
yes, we found out a week after we got married that charlie would have one more deployment.
thank you, marine corps for that lovely wedding present. [enter sarcasm here]
i can't believe that day was today.
saying 'see ya later!' was a little surreal.
i tried to be strong, but i couldn't help it- the tears just started flowin'.
but like i mentioned in an earlier post, charlie and i are SO at peace and very confident with this deployment.
i know my man will be safe.
however, i will still be praying- constantly.

 these were before the tears. just happy to be in each other's arms! :)

love my marine ♥

this is where i broke down a little..

we couldn't say "i love you" enough times.

his worried/nervous/doesn't like to see his wife in pain look.

right before this picture he popped his head out the window and mouthed

next seven months, i beg you, PLEASE go by quickly.
i want my husband back.

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