Wednesday, September 14, 2011

down to the decimal.

had my first weigh in today after starting my 35 in 31 goal.

drumroll please....

i lost 4.8 pounds!

eh, what the heck- let's just round up, shall we?
pretty much 5 pounds...IN THE FIRST WEEK, PEOPLE!
how awesome am i?!

ya ya ya..i know most of that is water weight that always comes off in any diet  lifestyle change during the first week.
but still! 
go me :)


  1. Yay for you. It seems to be a lifelong struggle for all of us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I've been cooking less lately and exercising more. Hope springs eternal.

  2. it's harder for us because of our love of desserts. :(
    i'll have to try to find awesome dessert recipes that won't ruin your whole day...this might take my entire lifetime.

  3. Seriously. If I loved salad it would be a cinch to be skinny.


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