Thursday, May 17, 2012

[belated] honeymoon pt. 2

[missed part 1? here you go. :)]

we signed up for a hike while in port in puerto vallarta.
so glad we did!
[lord knows we needed the extra exercise after indulging waayy too much at those buffets!]
and we were able to see a humble little town and how all the locals really live.
so quaint, laid back and humble.

our tour guide [everyone calls him "tio"] stopped by all the trees and plants that they're proud of, and this leaf came from one of their trees [i totally forgot what it was called] but they believe the leaves from this particular tree are good luck since they're shaped like a cross. and tio gave it to me! he told me to wear it over my heart. :)

 [since it was a very dry winter, nothing is green like it usually is. bummer.]

[sighh..he is so handsome.]

 [the local's version of a sauna. "temazeal"]

wittle baby cacti! so cute.

we got all dolled up & dined at an out-of-this-world-amazing steak house on top of the cruise ship friday evening.

[even though these two pictures are low quality (and took them in the mirror..haha.) i still absolutely LOVE them. 
some of my favorites. ever.]

we laid out some more in the mexican sun.

and we took silly pictures with our towel animals pretending to be them. [we meaning just samantha. haa]
 walter the walrus. 

 umm...not sure what this is. seal? duck? swan?

 gary the gorilla.

 freddy the frog.

 rufus the dog.

confused with this one, too. seal? no. idea.

but overall what we did on our belated honeymoon was spend quality time with each other.
which was much needed.
so thankful for my husband.
and so thankful he chose me as his wife.


  1. Hahaha I'm dying at those pictures...absolutely hilarious. So glad this was my first post to read of yours...I'm already obsessed with your blog because you crack me up! Newest follower--can't wait to keep reading!

  2. haha thanks, rachel! you're sweet. :) xo
    p.s. how did you find me? so glad you did!


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