Thursday, May 31, 2012

a new place to call "home".

well, ladies and gentlemen.

i am officially an oregonian. [say whaaa? don't worry california friends and family, my roots are "totally california" ;)]
well i guess i'm not "officially" an oregonian until i have my oregon driver's license. [?]

today we are currently making the [about] 15 hour drive from here...

to here...

more specifically around this area. [hey, this is a public blog. it's not like i'm going to give you my address!]

honestly? there's a part of me that is so sad to leave california. it's been my home my entire life. 
but! the other part of me is oh-so-excited for our new life here. 
so many great memories to be made. :)

so, oregon, be prepared for another californian driver that actually HONKS her horn ;) mwahaha.

so many pictures of the move to come...


  1. Good luck! and thanks for test-driving Oregon for me haha! I can't wait to see what Oregonian adventures you go on.

  2. This Oregonian honks her horn too :) people here hate me ;)


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