Monday, June 4, 2012

moving day

[you can't see it but i'm crying in this picture. afterwards i bawled like a baby off and on for a good hour. i'm going to miss home. i already do.]

whew! i actually have a little time to catch my breath and blog about our road trip to our new home!

 [the day before moving day. i shoulda' made a fort with all our boxes! what was i thinking?!]

 [nooo, we didn't need a 75 foot truck for all of our belongings. this company was also picking up 2 other families' crap stuff.]

[i can't even tell you how much i cried and cried over not being able to take my beloved roxy girl with me :( she just turned 14 last week- far too old for a big move like this- and i didn't have the heart to rip her away from everything she knows. i'm a little a lot jealous that my parents get to love on her everyday.]

[everything i need for a roadtrip! holding my man's hand. diet coke (my guilty pleasure), open roads, snacks and a little entertainment.]
[for those of you not familiar with west coast freeways, follow this baby aaaalllll the way up california and sooner or later you'll get to canada. but in the middle is where we now call home.]

 [pastures as faaaar as the eye could see.]
[sorry for the smudges. cars get dirty on a roadtrip. :)]

[last california sunset i'll see for a while. :(]

finally, at 4:30 am- we made it!

and so the adventure begins...

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