Thursday, June 21, 2012

what's happenin'?

time to play catch up!
picture style. :)

we decided that this will be a tradition for us. 
every time we paint our new home, we'll paint "i love you" on the wall, with a kissy picture.
we know it's cheesy. 
but if you know us, you know we're kinda cheesy.
and we like it. :)

[november 2010. painting our first apartment a month before we were married/ moved in.]

my mother-in-law and i went strawberry picking last saturday. [11 pounds for 11 bucks! score!]
i'm a newbie at this whole berry pickin' thing. [i've only ever picked blueberries one time before.
buuut this will definitely be happening every year. and probably a few times a year at that.
real, ripe oregon strawberries are theeee best!
can't beat 'em.
nope! you just can't.

top left: our nephew, rowen, drew us a house warming picture. he is the sweetest.
top right: we were in awe at how UH-MAZING this chocolate avocado pudding was. yup! you heard me right fellow chocoholics! HEALTHY, DAIRY FREE & SUGAR FREE chocolate pudding. i ate it up. every last bit of it. i have lindsay of delighted momma to thank for this one. :) recipe here.
bottom left: our cute little vegetable garden. love.
bottom right: date night with johnny and danielle. pizza+strawberry short cake+ crazy marbles+ good company= a great time. we love double dates!

oregon has some of the most gorgeous skies and clouds. you should hear me go on and on about how beautiful the summer skies are. multiple times a day lately. poor charlie. i'm sure he's already sick of hearing it. haha![soooorry babe!]

[99% of these pictures are from my instagram. follow me! @samantha_osborne ]

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  1. not cheesy at all!! i love it is a great idea to document every place you two live in together!! wonderful idea


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