Thursday, June 21, 2012

good news!

we're getting our PUPPY in a little over a week! 

we thought we wouldn't be able to get him until probably this fall. but! someones plans fell through last minute with this little guy and fortunately it all worked out PERFECTLY for us that we're the lucky ones getting this pup. 
the second we got the email the other day and saw his picture, our hearts melted. 
we like to think it was fate. :)

we. are. SO. EXCITED! 
both of us can hardly contain ourselves.
yesterday, we went out and got all of the necessities.
he's pretty much all we talk about lately. 
"wrangler this" 
"wrangler that" :)
after almost two years of wanting a weimaraner, and almost six months of being on a waiting list with our breeder, our little lovebug will finally be in our arms soon!!

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