Friday, June 22, 2012


tomorrow morning we'll be on a flight to one of my most favorite places on earth.

if you guessed lake tahoe, you're correct!

i can't wait to see my family, lay out on the dock all day, ride jet skies with my hunk, eat my mom's yummy breakfasts, cuddle with my nephew that i haven't seen for six months, get some quality sibling time in, walk down to "sno-flake" and get some ice cream [a tahoe tradition] and just be with the fambam. 

tahoe is so special to my family. if you've ever gone in the summer time, you'd know why.

i mean look at this!

hellooooo paradise!

this trip marks the last vacation we'll have for a while.
first we had stagecoach.
then our belated honeymoon.
and now this!
all in three months!
we are lucky blessed.

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