Saturday, December 31, 2011

bird's eye view.

i did a lot of plane travel going to and from texas.
6 different stops. 5 different planes. 5 different airports.
3 different days. because of 1 horrible unexpected overnight layover. [i know what you're fun! so jealous! ha.]
yay for campouts in an empty airport!
sarcasm, people. sarcasm. i'm not that weird.

so with all the flights i went on, i had many opportunities to snap a few pictures of what it looks like from way up there.
for some reason i love being that close to clouds. i always get so giddy and excited especially when we go THROUGH a big 'ol marshmallow cloud. the person next to me probably thought i was getting nervous since i start to slightly bounce my legs up and down with excitement haha

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