Saturday, December 31, 2011

bye-bye 2011

all in all this year was a great year.
we really can't complain much. this past year we were happy, healthy and in love. can't beat all that! :)

let's see.....
january- moved in together after only being married for 2 or 3 days. fun newlywed times opening all our presents, decorating and organizing our new home, and learning what it's like to be husband and wife! [come to find out- it's AWESOME.]
february- celebrated our first valentines. and hosted a few get togethers for our friends in our humble abode.
march- seemed like we had a mellow month in march. but we did have lots of dates nights. :)
april- charlie's birthday! i love birthdays. he came home from work the day before his bday to a full on decked out birthday celebration complete with balloons, streamers and party hats. :)
may- angel baseball games! woohoo! ahh the perks to living 10 minutes away from the stadium.
june- charlie was gone at work for most of the month, but the last half we spent on vacation with his family in oregon!
july- july 4th in oregon and then had to say bye-bye to charlie since he had to leave for a month for pre-deployment training in the desert. :(
august- moved back to my parent's place to save up money while charlie's gone. and deployment started. BOOOOOOOO!
september- started spoiling my marine silly with over-the-top care packages. :)
october- became a workaholic and started a second job to speed the time up. 
november- workworkwork and thanksgiving. and still loving the occasional phone call from the hubs. 
december- workworkwork. birthday! texas! christmas! and reaaaaally loving that charlie now has internet access and can email me everyday! a marine wife's dream! :)

and that my friends, was our 2011.
but i can tell you for a surety that 2012 will kick 2011's butt. big time. 

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