Saturday, December 31, 2011

texas: day three, four and five.

yup i wanna get the rest of the days over and done with all in one post.
no point in dragging it out any longer. :)
i mean, i only came home from this trip almost two weeks ago haha

let's 3, 4 and 5 were mainly spent hangin' out, ooo-ing and ahh-ing at the ritzy traditional texas homes, visiting downtown dallas, shopping at any shopper's paradise- the north park mall, playing with the little man, couple errands here and there and a lot of sister time. :)

downtown dallas

such a good boy, being oh so patient while mommy and auntie shop. :)

say "cheeeeeeese"
good 'ol paper source gag gift items. 

park day with the bubs! look at him all bundled up and cozy. stinkin' adorable.

when i say that rowen LOOOOVES the swings- that doesn't even begin to cover it.
can we say 'meltdown' when we took him out of it?
let's face it, this kid knows what fun is. and doesn't like it when we take him away from it!
thank goodness there was a little schnauzer pup to distract rowen with it's puppy kisses! 
meltdown successfully averted. 

so much fun. i'm so thankful that i'm rowen's ONE and ONLY auntie. 
and i'm so thankful that i'm janelle's ONE and ONLY sister. 
a little selfish? maybe. i like that i don't have to share them. hehe :)

special thanks to janelle and cory for lettin' me crash at your pretty new home and have a blasty blast with y'all for 5 days. my only wish is that i could have visited longer!
but there's always next time.. :)


  1. Cute pictures. You're so artsie and creative. Also... don't judge me for the nerdiness of this comment....but that downtown dallas picture is the road the speed down to the hospital after JFK got shot. Did you visit that museum? Really interesting.

  2. thanks, meg! no, we didn't get a chance to visit the museum. i'd really like to one day, though!

  3. Omg he's gotten so big and handsome!!! :)


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