Wednesday, December 28, 2011

texas: day two/my 22nd birthday!

day two was the whole reason why i went out to texas- to spend my birthday with my sister!
i have always always ALWAYS loved my birthday.
it's my day.
i get to eat WHATEVER i want.
i get presents.
[and i went another year without croakin'. ha!]
what's not to love?

my husband did manage to give me my most favorite birthday present this year- skpye!

for those of you who don't know this- this was a HUGE deal.
first time charlie's had internet since he left, which also means this was the first time we actually saw each other's faces in four months.
[dang you, deployment!]
he surprised me with an extra early phone call and said..
"happy birthday babe! get ready because in 30 minutes, we'll be able to skype!"
man- i JUMPED outta' bed!
[and i'm NOT an early bird. by any means. but for charlie i am! hehe. ]
even though the sound wasn't working we were able to type back and forth.
and i still was able to see his handsome face [with that oh-so-adorable dimple of his!] and see him happy and laughing. just that alone made my entire birthday so amazing.

after that, my momma made me strawberry stuffed french toast.
with cream cheese amazingness filling and fresh chopped up strawberries and strawberry jam with a *hint* of your mouth watering yet?

i ate one and a half of these bad boys then i was lights out. i haven't had that many carbs in months and it definitely put me into a literal food coma and i slept it off for a good 2 hours.
what? birthday girls can have naps, too.

my afternoon snack? chocolate, of course.

then hung out with ro-boat as he ate some lunch. 
this is him waving hi and bye..
so talented that little one is. :)

then we held an auntie/nephew photo sesh. enjoy.

[had to snap a picture with rdub's 22 sweater for auntie's 22nd birthday. :)]

dinner at outback steakhouse! yum.
bread. butter. coconut shrimp. grilled shrimp. mahi mahi with artichoke hearts. rice. mashed taters. veggies.
i'm tellin' ya this whole cheating-on-my-diet day was soo-o worth it. 

and of course birthday [cheese]cake!
the last two years my mom has made me her out-of-this-world cheesecake factory inspired banana cream cheesecake. 
worth every.single.calorie. 
this is definitely my birthday cake tradition from here on out.
looks like charlie will have to learn a thing or two so he can make it for me next year. 

[birthday wish.]

we all then completed the night with family, chit-chatting, and playing with mr. potato head. :)

aunties are supposed to be silly. :)

little heartbreaker.

here's to being 22! [i know i know, i'm such a youngin']
i have a feeling this will be my most favorite year yet. :)


  1. Better have your Mom send me the recipe. Wink wink.

  2. haha! no faith in charlie's baking skills eh?
    will definitely send you this recipe. you will love it just as much as i do!

  3. Happy Happy birthday! I found your blog via my friend Felicia's...thought I'd finally comment instead of being a creepy stalker! haha

    And your nephew is so dang cute! :-)


  4. thanks, aarean! that's okay, i'm guilty of being a blog stalker, too! (i mean, who isn't??)
    and i LOVE felicia!
    thanks for popping by! xo

  5. Hahaha! Elsie watched the video with me and started mimicking the noise you were making when you were getting Rowen to say hi and bye :)

  6. aww. i love my little elsie girl. :)


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