Monday, December 26, 2011

texas: day one

this is me [at 3:30am!] being oh-so-excited for my mini-vacay to visit my favorite sister and break the norm routine of workworkwork...

and this is my traveling cozy-but-cute outfit. gotta stay comfortable when flying half way across america, people.

carry-on packed: check! 
and purse: fully loaded with snacks, laptop, magazines and boarding passes: check!

on my second flight, the seat next to me was empty. 
footrest? don't mind if i do.

10 hours of traveling, 3 states, and 1 layover later- i'm FINALLY reunited with my awesome sister,  janelle. and when i say awesome- it's a complete understatement.
[yes, you observant fellow bloggers, this IS a different outfit, and that's because the one and only picture we took together was the day i was leaving. oops! but, i had to show off my pretty sissy.]

this is the LONGEST we've ever been apart our entire lives. 7 months, people! SEVEN MONTHS! thank the lord for phones, skyping, emailing, blogging and facebook to make the separation bearable. 

and then the best part of this all...this auntie was once again holding her nephew. 
my heart is full just thinking about that little slice of heaven. 
i swear, if i didn't see his birth for my own eyes i would claim this child as mine. 
i love him THAT much. 
i can't imagine how i can ever love my own children more, but somehow i will. [maybe?]

this is the video of rowen and i seeing each other for the first time in 7 months. 
he was a little sensitive about not seeing me for so long. 
hence the giving me a kiss then crying immediately. 
love him.

 soon after touring janelle's gorgeous brand spankin' new home, we relaxed by watching finding nemo and playing with building blocks. :)
[kickin' back watchin' nemo.]

aaaaand that just about sums up day one!
the fun's only just begun.. :)


  1. LOOOOOVE your boots!! LOOOVE your sweater! Where did you get them?? Have you ever thought about doing what I wore Wednesdays?? Posting a pic of what you wore, where you got it? You always look adorable :)

  2. ooo...what i wore wednesdays sound fantastic! i've been wanting to do a weekly entry like that but haven't thought about anything as good as what i wore wednesdays! maybe i'll start on this new year.. :)
    and thank you! i got the sweater a couple years ago at ross of all places haha and the shoes last year at target. i later came to find out that they are knock off steve madden. oops. :)

  3. Catching up on your blog... you, charlie, your sis, rowen, are all too darn cute!!


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