Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the best thing in afghanistan?

is most definitely charlie.
i may be a little biased but i mean, i'm allowed to be, right? right.

he sent me an xD card full of pictures and videos for our anniversary. such a good husband.
so far, [since the xD card doesn't fit in my camera] i've been able to get the pictures printed off at walgreens but they failed to inform me that they don't do videos!
what the heck?! i neeeeed to see the videos!
[crossing my fingers that best buy will have a usb device capable of the xD card..]
so for now, all i have are the pictures.
i've been starring at them ever since i got them yesterday. :)

my hard workin' marine. so proud. :)

some of the kids around town.

charlie, ryan and brent.

the three amigos once again..charlie, brent and ryan.

javier and charlie.
[SMILE next time, babe. i miss seeing that dimple of yours.]

local kids, their bomb sniffing dog hammer, john, brent, charlie and a few afghan police

don't worry, he took the magazine full of ammo out first. haha! 

charlie and brent.

their current bomb sniffing dog, crush.

YAY for pictures! it's been since august since i've seen his face...august! too long. 
but i am one happy girl that he sent these. 

**update: i figured out how to get the videos from the xD drive! 
happiest girl alive to see charlie's face! happy doesn't even describe it. :)
water works for sure. 

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  1. Jeff sent me some photos a few weeks after I met him in the mission home. I pasted one of them in the front of my triple combination scriptures and used to swoon over it all day long.
    So I can relate!


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