Monday, December 12, 2011

for charlie.

i did a little impromptu photo shoot to send over to charlie in his next care package.
because every time i ask "babe, do you have any requests to what to want in your next package?"
he always says "just pictures of you. that's all i want."
[ooookay, i guess sometimes he requests other things like razors and toothbrushes, too. but that's only sometimes!]
what a sweetheart.

so without fail, here you go husband!

[how festive am i with my big 'ol oversized scarf and the christmas tree in the background?!]
if ya'll haven't caught on by now, you will soon see how much of a scarf-o-holic i am. this is my newest addition, it's extremely long, thick, oh-so-warm and the *perfect* shade of oatmeal. 


  1. SO pretty!! I am sure he will LOVE them...:)

  2. cuteeeee! you are gorgeous! he is going to love these!! :)


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