Tuesday, January 31, 2012

35 in 31 update

for anyone that has been wondering how my weight loss goal is going... [remember my goal of 35 pounds in 31 weeks?!]
well, so far so good!
these last five pounds have been the most stubborn to lose.
[annoying how fat loves me and my thighs a little too much. because.. i hate it.]
today i did my own little weigh in and i've lost 25 pounds in 20 weeks!
11 weeks left to lose these last 10 pounds.
i got this.


  1. i'm not sure i want to put up my before and afters since all i'm wearing in them are yoga pants and a sports bra... haha but you will definitely see bathing suit photos soon with all the fun plans we have coming up on the calendar! :)

  2. Ok, so tell me how you're doing it cuz I need to get started on my weight loss ASAP!!! My goal right now is 35 lb too! Although because I have 35 to lose I don't know how you did. It definitely didn't show that's for sure!

  3. eating balanced meals under 1200 cal and exercising 5-6 times a week. and i got into running and that's been helping a lot. and i've learned that my body hides fat well which is not good...haha and i wore things that hid it, too.

  4. sam, what are you doing? I have lost 11 in 28 days but you are losing a lot! my goal is to lose 30 additional pounds. :)

  5. just doin' what i mentioned in the comment above yours, melissa. :) and i'm losing it pretty consistently. took me 20 weeks to lose 25. that calculates out to be a little over a pound a week.
    11 pounds in 28 days is fantastic!! you'll get to your goal in no time. :)

  6. annie it's a curse in itself only because you'll let yourself go for a while thinking "oh i look fine!" but in reality...fat is just hiding (but not really hiding well) and making you feel crappy. hahah


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