Sunday, January 29, 2012

highlights of the week.

it's so much easier to blog about things that happened each week when i have my handy dandy iphone attached to my hip at all times to capture anything and everything. love that thing.

last monday husband and i got the rare opportunity to SKYPE! oh happy day!
it's almost weird to be able to talk face to face without actually being near each other. so close, yet so far away. :(
here's my babe! always crackin' me up. :) not sure why this made me giggle so much. probably since i get all giddy whenever i see him. this marks the 4th time i've seen this handsome face in a little over 5 months. so you can see why i get so antsy, right? :)

speaking of charlie! it's little things like this that put the biggest smile on my face. no matter how many times he's complimented me in the past i will always always always be flattered. i always dreamed of having a loveydovey romantic husband when i was little. lucky meeee :)[ hope you don't mind me putting this up for the world to see, babe!]

accidentally stumbled upon these babies at baron's last week. and BOY am i glad i did! hands down the BEST thing i've eaten so far this year. good lord why is coconut SO. DANG. DELICIOUS. [and only 110 calories!!]

i was able to drive to one of my most favorite southern california cities, dana point, this past week to visit a friend and do her hair. its places like this that i will tremendously miss when we make the big move in a couple months. *siiiigh.*

not apartment hunting until the end of next month and won't even touch a moving box for another four months.. yet i already have my apartment hunting notebook organized by city with each page having a checkoff list and a note section so i don't forget any details. thank you, older sister, for training me to be this way. :) [any of you having flashbacks of my wedding planner notebook?!]

finally putting one of my christmas presents from my brother to use tonight. yay! free music! 

have a good week, everyone. :)

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