Wednesday, January 25, 2012

what i wore wednesdays.

wednesday already?! 
well that was fast. 

this summer like weather [winter time whereeeee areeee youuuuu?!] in southern california is forcing me to mix outfits. hence the sandals and capris mixed with a long sleeve and a scarf. haha! 
don't let the fashion police see me. 

black v-neck long sleeve: target. [are you surprised? haa]
leopard scarf: one of my best friends, mandy gave this to me last year. sooo mandy, my dear, where did you get it?! UPDATE: she said she got it at wet seal. :)
white distressed boyfriend fit capris: american eagle
sandals: target. yet again. :)
ball bracelet and link bracelet: tiffany & co.
large silver bangle bracelet: i'm almost positive i got it at kohl's..? many many maaaany moons ago. pretty sure i was a sophomore in high school. 


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