Monday, January 23, 2012

highlights of the week.

oops i'm a tad late on this post but ohhh well. :)
this past week [jan. 16th-22nd] was a goodie. 

-had my LAST day at my second job and i couldn't be more happy to be back to just doing hair. hallelujah! 

-having a girls night with two of my best friends, kiersten and liana with all of liana's wonderful sisters. we made get well cards for their brother, jared. he had two unrelated surgeries that day and we wanted him to feel the love. thankfully he is recovering very well! and he LOVED all his cards. job well done, ladies. :) 

-this MINI mason jar used as a salt shaker! i love almost anything miniature so of course this little guy made my heart melt. so much so, that i had to take a picture of it.

-getting this adorable chalkboard/burlap pincushion/collage frame on CLEARANCE! sure i'll take it for 75% off. noooo problem. score!

-one of my favorite things in life is having breakfast for dinner. mainly because i am sooo NOT a morning person, but i loveloveLOVE breakfast foods. any and all. and this yummy apple cinnamon oatmeal sweetened with agave nectar was no disappointment. i practically licked the bowl clean. 

-deployment flower delivery day #11. i have such a romantic and thoughtful husband. he's still capable of swooning me even when he's 7,500 miles away. lucky, lucky me. :)
[my favorite part of this bouquet is the pop of sunshine this yellow gerber daisy brings. just a friendly reminder that there IS light at the end of this ugly deployment tunnel and charlie will be home SOON!]

-after scraping the sides of my blush compact for a good month i finally made my way down to sephora to pick me up a fresh one! ahh nothing like brand spankin' new blush. nars is the way to go, ladies. my favorite blush shade of theirs?: "orgasm". [yes, go ahead and giggle if you must. ]

-and the best part of this week? one of my best friends [also mentioned earlier this post..i'm a little redundant tonight.] got ENGAGED!
congratulations, liana and ryan! woohoo! 

got these two lovebirds a card, some pretty orchids & some celebratory ring pops. :) [they're only fitting, right?]

yup, very good week indeed. 


  1. Love your posts Sam. I like to see and hear what's going on with you. SUPER cute picture frame thing. Where'd you get it?

    Love ya!

  2. thanks megs! i got the frame at hobby lobby. but it would be super easy to re-create! love you, tooooo!


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