Monday, January 23, 2012

care packages.

remember how i mentioned last week that i sent off charlie's LAST care package?! [YAY!]
well, it made me remember how i haven't been the best at uploading all of them onto our blog. and i can't really remember which one i last showed you all on here, so here's all 14 of 'em. 
in an odd way, i will really miss making these for my babe. it gave me such joy to make these for charlie, knowing how happy they make him while he's in such a miserable country. 

the candygram..

there you have it! all of my care packages to charlie. i like to spoil him. he deserves it. :)
[sorry to all my facebook friends that have already seen these a few times!]


  1. you are such a great wife! those are all so fun and thoughtful! Yay for the last one and him arriving safely home soon!

  2. these are amazingly creative and thoughtful. I am sure Charlie has loved receiving every box.

  3. thanks, ladies! i LOVED making these. it brought out the wanna be crafter in me. i'll have to find other reasons to make them now...haha

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