Wednesday, February 1, 2012

what i wore wednesdays.

keepin' it simple today. nothin' too fancy. just cute and comfy. :)
and i was lazy with my hair sooo big 'ol bun it is!

green cardigan: target.
periwinkle and white striped tank: target.
brown wedges with flower accents: target. [anyone seeing a trend here?..]
big star jeans: buckle. [big star jeans are my FAVORITE, by the way. for any girl with muscular thighs like mine, this brand will be your best friend.]
necklace: forever 21

i've come to the conclusion that i'm obsessed with target. 
they should really give me free stuff for all this promotion to their clothing. 



  1. TARGET TARGET TARGET!!! I love it. My sister and I are obsessed. Also I SO wish I could pull off the bun like you!! Loving your blog. New follower!!

  2. ooo thanks, danielle! ;) any girl that loves target as much as i do is always an immediate friend. hehe.
    oh, and ANYONE can pull off the bun! you just have to get used to the look on yourself...and have long enough hair. :)


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