Sunday, February 5, 2012

highlights of the week.

not too much went on these past 7 days. which is a good thing. no one likes a hectic week, anyways. :)

scored this bruised and beat up beauty at the good will tuesday while looking for a [cheap] office desk. didn't luck out on the office desk but we DO need an end table. we always put our drinks on the's only a matter of time till we spill something that will stain [eek!] but not anymore! i transformed the table this week...after picture soon to come!

FINALLY got around to hanging up our USMC flag. right next to our American flag. long may they wave.. :)

i guess i was in a "diy" kind of mood this week. [and i STILL am. wish i had more supplies to craft right now...] anyways! a couple months ago i went to a house warming party at my adorable friend, katrina's house. during her tour, i pointed out that i LOVE how she put the first letters of her and her husband's name on each of their bedside tables. soo i copied her. hehe. [thanks for the idea, katrina! xo]

buuut since we don't have any black in our home, i had to whip out some spray paint.
here are the results. :)
can't wait until we're in our own home again and have our bedside tables back. until then, they'll still be on display- just not in their right places.

this past thursday was mine and my mom's first ever cake decorating class!
it's about time that we've signed up for one since it's only been ohhh....NINE years since i first told my mom i wanted to learn how. figured since we're hightailin' it outta here soon might as well start! [better late than ever, right?] three more classes until we graduate our first level.

it's not the prettiest cake, but it's a start!
after i learn the tricks of the trade, in a few years i'll be that mom that makes adorable cakes for her kids for every occasion. :)
and never again will there be another repeat of my poor husband's birthday cake last year...good thing it tasted yummy since i can bake. it just looked ugly. 

yesterday was flower delivery day #12. [that's when it hit me that charlie has been away for 24 weeks now. :( ]
but aren't they perdy?! not too many flower delivery days left! yaaaaay!

here's hoping this week flies by! my patience is wearing thin.
is it march yet?!


  1. I shall have to bequeath you my myriads of craft supplies. BEFORE I die!

  2. oh, i'll use them right up!!! bethany and i have already plan on having monthly craft nights. that'll lower your supply quickly. :)

  3. That would be fun. I used to be very crafty, but I'm down to sewing and yarn mediums now. Technology has ruined me.

  4. the only crafty thing i don't like is to sew. partially because i'm horrible at it. i can barely sew a straight line. but everything else i love!

  5. Cute crafts! Taylor and I have a big T and M on our wall. I LOVE that cute picture frame in the picture next to your S and C. Where did you get it? Your cake looks awesome! Did your mom make a brownie cake? (Just kidding) It's february girl!! You are so close!

  6. thanks, meg! i got the frame at hobby lobby. and the plus side is that their photo frames are ALWAYS 50% off!!
    missed your call today cause i was driving :( calling you back tomorrow! xoxo


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