Thursday, February 9, 2012

what i wore wednesdays. err...thursdays?

WHOOPS! totally dropped the ball on this week's "what i wore wednesdays".
so, this week it will be "what i wore thursdays".
not that anybody really cares that much. ha.

white v-neck undershirt: target. [after all my wiww's, what other store would you have suspected?]
blue blouse with white birds and braided leather belt: target. [seriously, target. i'm waiting for a little "thank you" for giving you free advertisement...]
blue skinny jeans: NY&Co.
boots: target. [here, i'll make it easier for you, target corporate office. you can reach me at: any day...any time..] 
white watch: charming charlie.
faux gold and faux pearl bracelets: given to me as a bridesmaid gift last year. :)

let's hope i won't forget next wednesday.. :) 

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