Thursday, April 11, 2013

suggestions, anyone?

oh, hello there lovelies!

since i'm almost to 100 [!] followers on this here little blog'o'mine, i figure it's just about time for some MAJOR revamping.
and since i am not too tech savvy when it comes to html's and whatnot, i'm going to need some help.
but here's the catch.
i'm on a budget.[hey- new babies cost money!]
SO, my question is: do any of you know of some dependable blog designers that can come up with a deal for me?!
please either leave a comment with their information/link to their site, or feel free to email me at
[don't forget the 'e' in the middle!]

thanks in advance! you're the best.


  1. Sam! Talk to one of my good friends Kate. She is one of the nicest people I know! She did my design and I love it.

  2. Hi! i just came across your blog! and I would highly recommend
    hope that helps :)

    1. oooo LOVING her work! thanks, chealsey!


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