Monday, April 15, 2013

baby o. vol 7 [35 weeks]

holy. smokes.
i'm going to be a mommy sooner than i think!
i can't wait.

How far along?  35 weeks 2 days [as of today, 4-15-12]

How big is baby?  the books say about a little over 5 pounds! and around 18-19 inches! she's just plumping up now in there. :)

Maternity clothes? i think there's only a handful things that i still wear that are pre-pregnancy but i just squeeeeeze into them! a few of them are normal sweaters so those i don't squeeze into as much. oh, & i literally LIVE in my black maxi maternity skirt. best buy ever.

Stretch marks?  i don't want to talk about it. my poor legs and hips have gotten hit big time. i am just SO THANKFUL that my tummy and sides don't have them! [knock on wood!]

Sleep? still comes pretty dang easy, thank goodness! i just wake up about 3 times a night now to pee haha

Best moment last week?  i was concerned one evening because i couldn't remember feeling her move for a few hours so charlie laid his head down on my lap and just kept saying "london! wake up!" "loooondon where areeee yoouuu?" "london! mommy needs to feel you move". TEARS. TO. MY. EYES. he's going to be such a sweet daddy. oh, and she ended up moving a bit to his voice. i think she already has a favorite...

Movement? ohhhh yeah! she likes to act like a little stink bug and pop her tiny booty in and out and in again. it's adorable and definitely a favorite of mine. 

Food cravings? i don't have cravings anymore but i'm just going through phases of loooving certain things, but like i said, i wouldn't consider it a "craving". it's just that when i eat or drink those items it's like the best things that's ever happened haha right now i'm currently loving: ice, lemon water, green smoothies, and grilled pb&j's with honey and bananas. basically anything. i had a cheeseburger last week and thought i died and went to heaven. 

Food aversions? none. I LOVE FOOD! and so does she. she dances with happiness whenever i eat.

Labor signs? some braxton hicks here and there. and i can't tell if my pelvis is actually starting to widen or if it's just her skull so far down and it's rubbing against my bone. haha sounds more gnarly that it is in real life. promise.

Belly button in/out? out!

What I miss: not a lot. i honestly adore being pregnant. looking forward to getting back into shape, though!

What I am looking forward to:  being a mama! but, MAN i'm going to miss being pregnant. however, having her here will be the best thing in the world. we seriously cannot wait!

Milestones: almost full term! woop!


  1. you are so adorable! I am alomost to 34 weeks! Getting super excited!!

  2. can't believe youre 35 weeks! i got stretch marks all over my hips and legs (but not my tummy weird!) don't worry, they shrink up big time! mine are almsot completely invisible, almost :) can't wait for your little one to get here!

    1. what a coincidence! thank you for giving me hope that these horrid things will fade! every time i see them i just cringe. good thing she'll be worth it ;)


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