Thursday, April 4, 2013

a birthday in pictures. [plus a few words]

the view from this restaurant is unbelievable! this is what 30 stories up on a sunny portland evening looks like.

on the left: appetizer. fall-off-the-bone duck with sticky buns. drooling.
on the right: 10 oz. top sirloin cooked medium rare  topped with mushrooms and buttery, salty potatoes with crisp green beans and tomatoes on the side. seriously drooling now.

homemade carrot cake topped with cream cheese frosting and 23 sparkler trick candles.
took at least 10 attempts with both of us blowing these crazy candles out.
last time i buy "sparkler" candles! [that barely even sparkled!]

the end of a great birthday. :)


  1. love it! such a fun birthday. April is when the sweetest boys are born :)

  2. Charlie looks SO young when he shaves!

    1. i know. baby face! i love when he does, though, because of that dimple!


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