Tuesday, April 2, 2013

april second.

someone's birthday is today.

and by someone i mean my cute husband, charlie!
he turned 23.
[does being a whopping 4 months older than him consider me a cougar? haaa]

anywho- since i'm always the one doin' the talking on this thing, i thought it would be nice for all of you to get to know him a little better!
i promise you'll like him. everyone does. :)

23 things you probably didn't know about charlie

1. if he had his way, he'd be in bed asleep by 8:30pm every night. such a morning person.

2. he's played the piano, the saxophone and the guitar. though, he currently only keeps up with the guitar.

3. he is not a picky person [i can thank his mother for this!!] and i am slowly trying to become a good cook [i'm more of a baker, like my mama] so, when i try new recipes they're usually a miss. but he is always so sweet and eats every bite.

4. he is a major goofball.

5. if you were to ask him who his best friend is, he would say "my wife" [what a sweetheart] but a close second is most definitely our dog, wrangler. they are two peas in a pod.

6. he knows his way around a gun with his eyes closed. you don't want to be an intruder in our home. :)

7. he played baseball while in high school. i've been told he had quite the pitcher's arm. [& ooo what i wouldn't do to see him in those baseball pants.]

8. even though he says he doesn't have a favorite color, i can tell you his favorite is blue. he just doesn't realize it. :)

9. he is a MAN'S MAN. outdoors, hunting, fishing, guns, camping, hiking, running, weight lifting, baseball, learning more about cars, hates going shopping [even though i sometimes wished he enjoyed it more..] loves taking care of his family, etc.

10. he ALWAYS smells good.

11. always has to be doing something. as long as we've been married i'm pretty sure i've seen him have only two days where he doesn't have anything planned and just stays home and is "lazy". [his words] haha

12. loves and i mean LOVES country music.

13. kids adore him.

14. he makes a meeeean breakfast sandwich.

15. he's a veteran. served 4 years in the marine corps infantry. i am SO proud of him for that.

16. he sings "my girl" to me at random times, even if i'm not in the room. i can hear him throughout the house. it's cute.

17. he looks amazing in a suit. well, that's my opinion.. :)

18. he has two tattoos.

19. he graduated from high school early to join the marine corps.

20. he owned his own window cleaning business in high school.

21. loves being an American.

22. definitely doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. only a few choice people really get to see his emotions.

23. is the most wonderful husband.

happy 23rd birthday, babe! i love you!


  1. you two are the cutest. I absolutely LOVE this.

  2. Great facts about him! He sounds amazing! Hope he has a great birthday!



  3. Loooove this one!! Happy birthday charlie --jackie


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