Tuesday, March 12, 2013

baby o. vol 6 [30 weeks]

can i get a whoop-whoop?! THIRTY WEEKS, PEOPLE!

do you know what that MEANS?! it means little girl will be here very soon.
it's now to the point where i have my doctors appointments every 2 weeks now.
and it's to the point where i pre-register at the hospital.
and it's to the point where charlie really really wants his baby girl to just be here already! [stay put for at least another 7 weeks, london! don't let daddy tempt you into coming too early.]
so, ya. 30 weeks. big deal. [and big belly!]

How far along?  30 weeks, 3 days [as of today, 3-12-13]

How big is baby? anywhere from 2-3 pounds! and somewhere between 15 & 16 inches long. 

Maternity clothes? um, ya. big time.

Stretch marks?  unfortunately, yes. thankfully- they're only on my lower hips. 

Sleep? i sleep best when i can hog the bed. :) some nights i sleep wonderfully, some nights not so much. but all in all, i can't complain. 

Best moment last week?  yesterday i had a doctor's appointment and was able to hear the wonderful sound of her little heart beat. she was a hyper one yesterday with 170bpm! and she's getting so big that i can now squeeze my tummy and feel her little booty or one of her legs. it's cute- her bum is SO tiny! already love it. haha

Movement?  all day, every day! i absolutely love it. sometimes she'll do a huge JOLT. must be doing some insane back flips or something. crazy girl.

Food cravings? i've been loving pineapple lately. and any meat that has those yummy italian/savory flavors. mmm.

Food aversions? none any more.

Gender? all girl!

Labor signs? nope! few more weeks! keep cookin' little girl.

Belly button in/out? POPPED! see picture below. :)

What I miss: my old wardrobe. my outfit choices are pretty limited these days. 

What I am looking forward to: CALIFORNIA! BABY SHOWER!! FAMILY TIME!!! we leave on monday and i'm staying for two whole weeks! YES. can't wait to visit "home". :)

Milestones: i'm officially in the 3rd trimester! yay!


  1. So cute! Love these pictures, and it's so cool that you can feel baby London's feet when you squeeze your belly! Have fun on your California trip!



  2. Hey Sam, I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog! You can go to my blog to see the rule!
    Still love these pictures and so excited about baby London!



  3. thanks, caroline! you're so sweet.

  4. i envy women who are pregnant and still so trendy! you are such a cute pregnant lady!

  5. You look fantastic! Such an exciting time!


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