Friday, March 1, 2013

hello, march!

let the march madness begin!

our calendar is already filled [almost] to the brim. and i have an inckling we'll only fill up the extra space with more things! [that always happens, doesn't it?]
so far this month is consisting of...
-charlie being CRAZY busy with work and school [as always. love that hard working man.]
-2nd and probably 3rd birthing classes. in the next one, we're covering breathing techniques. say it with me! hee-hee-hoooooo.
-doctor appointments
-finishing london's nursery
-reaching THIRTY WEEKS PREGNANT in a couple weeks. holy. crap.
-catching up with beloved family and friends in california that we miss so much!
-getting my hair done by my most favorite hair dresser on earth. why can't i just go down to ca every 8 weeks to see lori? love her. 

& in other news!
-i set up a twitter account. i know, i'm super late. i thought it was a fad when it came about a few years ago! welp, not a fad. so now i have to see what it's all about. follow me, fellow twitter-ers! @s_e_osborne
-i measured my belly last week...41 inches. and just again right now...42.5 inches. yikes. talk about a growth spurt, london!
-today, i learned that i can still paint my toenails with ease! whew. thank you, flexibility.

aaaand here's a bump picture with a sneak peek of little miss' nursery in progress. oh, and wrangler using my belly as what he thinks is his personal pillow. 


  1. Love the post!
    Sounds like you are going to have a great month!
    Love your pictures! You look so cute!


  2. you're so cute sam. i miss you. wish i could be in cali for the shower :(

  3. aww i was hoping you were going to be in town! i put your name on the same envelope as your mama's. :)
    i miss you, too! xoxoxo

  4. just found your cute are you and your prego belly! :) :)

  5. you look so cute! and that dress you are wearing is darling!

  6. Your blog is so cute! Newest follower :)

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. ahhh! you are too cute preg!!! found and following via the hop. no need to comment back--I'd rather you visit instead!

  8. I love your dress! And I think it is absolutely adorable how your pup is resting his head on your bump.


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