Sunday, November 20, 2011

thankful post #20

november 20th, i'm thankful for..


[is it seriously already the 20th? this month is speedy!]

both charlie and i are very blessed to have such great friends in our lives. 
friends we can trust.
friends we can just do nothing with and still have fun.
friends who will always be there.
friends who are hilarious.
friends who truly care about us, and we them.
friends who understand that we don't have to speak all the time, but when we do- it's like we picked up where we left off.

friends really are far and few in between. 

to our friends: you know who you are :) 
thank you for always being there for us. 
i hope all our friends know how much we love them and how much we're thankful for them. 
and that we'll always be there for them, too. 

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